Europe's Largest Alpine Lake

Europe is surrounded by cities built around lakes and other water bodies. With water simmering under the sunlight and beautifully planned cities bustling with strangers and state-of-the-art architecture enhancing the beauty of city life. These city tours are the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. one such destination is Lake Geneva that straddles the Swiss/French border and is Europe's largest Alpine Lake!

Historic estates and old town roads

Once you arrive at Geneva, you must relax at your hotel and spend the evening strolling around the shore, getting into the refreshing city vibe. Let me give you a tip, instead of an Airbnb, stay at a hotel, and you get a free transportation pass. To start the tour, get to know the city by visiting historic mansions and a lake museum with a collection of artifacts from the 1800s. Vintage cars, trains and replicas of old fires stations will leave you amazed.

Old Town Geneva offers everything from a stunning cathedral to several unusual art galleries. Another extremely fascinating place is The CERN museum that houses multiple exhibitions like the Universe of Particles and Microcosm. 

Walk along the shores and hipster neighborhood

As you are around Europe's largest alpine Lake, you must give yourself the luxury of relaxing at the lakeside, just strolling around. Walks during the sunset will leave you wondering about other surprises that life throws at us. Or you can destress yourself by hitting the beach for swimming or sunbathing. Make most of the Lake and float around in paddleboards. It can also be an excellent romantic getaway.

Then explore the hipster neighborhood filled with plenty of restaurants, bars, indie theatre, antique shops and whatnot at courage. The vibrancy you feel in the air will leave you energized. If you choose the right season, then you can have fun at festivals, like Fete de la Musique, an annual festival that brings musicians from all over the world.

Lost between skylines and magic of nightlife

As expected, the city's nightlife is very buzzing—people stumbling out of the bars and enjoying lazy dinner on rooftop restaurants watching over Lake Geneva. The water of the Lake sparkles at night from the city lights, with a cool breeze carrying different aromas of Swiss delicacies; the whole warm ambience creates a very romantic setting. 

You will never get enough of this city, Head to saleve mountain and indulge in paragliding. Watching this gorgeous city from the above sky will make you fall in love with it even more. 
Once you start exploring the town Surrounded by the Alps, this city is filled with outdoor markets, the mountain of chocolates and adventure, laughing with friends after a fun-filled day at the beach. Perhaps it's a well-deserved afternoon of posh pampering at leisure activities like spas, followed by a stroll in the city you will realize why this city got the name 'City of Peace'.
December 13, 2021
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