Auroville - The City of Dawn

An experimental township located 15kms from the union territory of Pondicherry, in the state of Tamil Nadu is the universal town of Auroville. Founded by Mirra Alfasa, a disciple of Aurobindo, in 1968, the town of Auroville is a class apart from the rest of the world. Mirra Alfasa is the (spiritual) Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Society. Auroville is based on the principle of humanity and worldly brotherhood.

Auroville aims to be a universal town where people of different nationalities from all over the world live in peace and progressive harmony without any biases or differences. The purpose of this township is human unity. The best way to understand this town is to experience it. People from around the world searching for peace end up in Auroville. The common languages spoken here are Tamil, French, Sanskrit and English.

Inhabited by 2800 people from 195 different countries, Auroville is without any doubt the most culturally diverse place in the world. During its inception, people from 124 countries including Indians from 23 states came together and brought their native soils and deposited them in a metal urn. The people living here prefer to call themselves Aurovilleans.

One can rent e-bikes or motorbikes to travel around the township. The biggest attraction here is the Matrimandir meaning ‘The Temple of the Mother’ in Sanskrit. This is geographically and spiritually the heart of Auroville. Gold plated on the outside, the insides on the temple are covered in warm light and white marbles in geometric patterns. Matrimandir is known as the soul of the city and holds significance for those that practice Integral Yoga.

Matrimandir is a spot of silent concentration and is the most spiritual place in the entire Auroville. Though the entry inside is restricted for those who have an understanding of the idea of Auroville, the 12 gardens lush gardens that surround the golden dome attracts many visitors. A 10-minute walk from the visitor’s centre towards the south of the structure lies the ViewPoint that offers a panoramic vista of
the magnificent Matrimandir and its surroundings.

Another important place is Arka. Arka is a wellness centre where one can avail various treatments and facilities like Ayurvedic massages, yoga massages, craniosacral therapy acupuncture, physiotherapy etc. Every now and again workshops and seminars are conducted for the visitors.

Auroville has a youth centre where the people can come together to form a working community and lend a helping hand in daily jobs like cooking, gardening, etc. There is Adishakti Theatre also known as Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts Research on the outskirts of Pondicherry that is famous for its brilliant and evocative performances.

And to conclude your tour of peace is the Auroville Beach or the Auro Beach. The beach is a part of the Auroville Ashram and has been maintained up to its name with very few structures and establishments built around it so as to maintain the cleanliness and serenity of the place. It is a great place to unwind with the constant gentle breezes and the waves crashing the shore creating an apt location for relaxing.
Klaus O
January 17, 2022
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