About Us

Expert4Travel believes in leveraging human expertise, a platform that offers a range of features such as search options for suitable trip ideas & inspiration from the travel tales crafted by a community of travel experts.


What We Do

We connect travel expertise and prospective travellers through video consultation. We do not do bookings on our platform, hence we remain independent and unbiased of commission paid by travel suppliers.

About ChatBot

Welcome to our world of AI-powered travel planning and chatbot solutions. We utilise artificial intelligence to build personalised itineraries and seamless conversational experiences for tourists with the help of an enthusiastic group of AI experts. Join us as we revolutionise how you commute and provide unforgettable memories at all times.

How It Works

Your personalized holiday in 4 simple steps! Let our expert help you plan your trip in the most authentic and efficient way, based on your likes & dislikes! Save the hassle, time & costs with expert planning.
1 ...

Search from our panel of experts, pay the consultation fee online and book an appointment for a one-hour video consultation with the travel expert.

2 ...

Log on to www.expert4travel.com as per the time & date of appointment , to discuss your requirements & preferences over the video consultation.

3 ...

Get all relevant information about destination experiences including must see /do stuff, best stay options as per your budget and a custom itinerary.

4 ...

Should you agree with the expert to process your travel bookings, your fee amount paid is discounted as travel booking advance. So that’s a Free Consultation!

Our Story

Amidst the pandemic, Klaus Oegerli, a Swiss tourism industry veteran was deeply concerned that many friends in his network were out of work, while the need for information soared. Under what conditions can I go where? Expertise was sought but everybody wanted it for free.

Klaus gave this problem some thought and decided to launch a consumer to consumer platform, offering paid video consultation by all kinds of travel experts(agents, influencers or affluent and experienced travellers and others alike).  

This idea was greeted with mixed reactions by his industry friends. The reactions went from “you cannot cut out the middleman, aka the commission-based paid travel agent”, “travellers will never pay for such a service”. And then there were the instant supporters of the idea, and Marc Geissbühler, former VP of Switzerland’s largest tour operator Hotelplan who was so convinced of the idea that he became an investor and co-founder of Expert4Travel(Switzerland) AG. A company that was incorporated in August 2021. The decision was taken that the marketplace would be first rolled out in India, due to the sheer market size and competitiveness of the market. Or as Klaus says - “Scalability is key; if it survives India, it survives everywhere". 


What's in it for me as a Prospective Traveller?

Whether you are a budget or luxury traveller, looking for a specific destination experience or activity or a different type of trip, our travel platform content and our top travel experts offer "proactive" advisory consultation that is premium! You want to travel somewhere but are unsure/anxious about certain points? Expert4Travel is the place to get affirmation & take the travail out of travel!

What's in it for me as a Travel Expert?

If you are truly specialized in a destination or a travel topic or an expert travel agent/travel planner, Expert4Travel is the place for you to sign up and start monetizing your expertise!

The Commitment Process

Search/Browse Travel Content

Prospective traveller gets to search by destination, type of trip or experience, once the individual matches his search, he will be then given an opportunity to interact with the experts.

Book an Appointment with the Expert

The traveller will pay online & book the appointment with one of our experts from the community of his/her choice. A notification will be sent to our travel expert & the traveller will receive a confirmation on the time & date.

Video Consultation

Video consultation will be on the E4T platform & the traveller gets to check on the destination info, activities/experiences, flights, visa & other services as opted for along with the itineraries and pricing estimate.


Travellers will also be able to give a review about the video consultation, post the call, through a desired rating system.

Further Engagement

Travellers can further engage with the experts from the community for further planning and processing of their travel bookings, should they wish to. This engagement will be off the purview of our E4T platform.