Why Expert4Travel?

  • Best Travel Guide

    Best Travel Guide

    We are here to raise the bar above the ordinary reactive travel advisory platforms, reaffirming ourselves as the travel consultants that you can interact with.

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    Expert Consultation

    Our aim is to help you connect to our top travel experts to gather the correct information & advice for a magical & memorable experience.

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    Personalized Matching

    We are building a world where travellers can select their specific travel plan or experience from the comfort of their home, encouraging a culture where the value of travel is evolving beyond just sights & price points.

An idea ? A travel plan?

Expert4Travel will help you better plan and prepare the experience & itineraries that are magical + economical. Let's make your dream trip seamless & memorable!

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Whether you are budget or luxury traveller, looking for a specific travel /destination experience but are unsure/anxious of certain points, our top travel experts offer ’proactive’ advisory consultation that is premium at a reasonable fee. which actually is neutralised by the costs savings they bring with their smart planning.

From the comfort of your home, talk to a bona fide travel expert about the destination of your choice or an expert about processing your visas or best airline connections or if a region is better discovered by rail or road or perhaps waterways, all for a price just about the same you pay as taxi fare to the travel agency downtown! www.expert4travel.com is the place to get affirmation & take the hassles out of travel planning!

Expert4Travel does not process any travel bookings. However, some of our travel experts process travel bookings and during the video consultation, should you agree with the expert to process your travel bookings, that transaction is outside Expert4Travel realm. Discounting of the consultation amount that you paid online as a ‘booking advance’ is subject to a min travel booking amount as stipulated & agreed between you and the expert during the consultation.

We connect travel expertise and prospective travellers through video consultation. We do not do bookings on our website. Hence, we remain independent and unbiased of commission paid by travel suppliers. And our experts are onboarded post a comprehensive evaluation process.

During the consultation, our expert has the tools and features within the video call that helps replicate the physical consultation online. Features include a whiteboard for charting out plans /notes /itineraries, share files / images, live chat, screen & application sharing and even live YouTube video stream!

You get to search by Destination or Special Expertise for a type of trip - relevant experts with details of their profile including the consultation fee are shown. You can book an appointment by paying online for the video consultation with the expert of your choice. Sometimes we feature Free Consultation promotion for a stipulated amount of time and with certain conditions like registering as a traveller on our website sharing some details etc. – in such instances you do not have to pay.

You get to check on the destination information, about the sightseeing options, local attractions and activities/experiences, flights, visa & other services as opted for during the booking appointment based on the expertise of the expert stated in his profile. A customised travel itinerary can be requested from our expert. Questions can be about the best time/ best way to travel to a place, best stay options must see/do experiences, about processing your visas or best airline connections or if a region is better discovered by rail or road or perhaps waterways.

Most of our experts are travel & tourism professionals, with years of experience managing end to end travel processes. It is not just knowledge & information; our experts possess  omprehensive practical understanding as well. Some are pure travel enthusiasts with passion for a particular type of activity and explored the world seeking the thrill & joy of such activity and excel at travel planning! We go through some key factors / pointers they share with us to help us validate their expertise for the chosen destinations & type of trip.

Number of years of experience planning & crafting itineraries and travel to all these destinations and type of trips chosen

Number of trips they have made to the destination and on the type of trips

Certification as destination specialist/expert by relevant tourism board / tourism authority of the destination and relevant trip provider

Internet may have all the information but our experts have the experience with the knowledge & wisdom to process the right information and plan your travel precisely!

We encourage you to state the summary of your queries and the destination and type of trip regarding which you would like the expert to offer consultation in the ‘Appointment Description’ section that appears whilst you are booking the appointment for the consultation. This way you are well prepared and so will the expert be to answer your queries well within the 1-hour consultation. During the consultation, should you agree with the expert to share contact details for further communication, that is at the discretion of the expert.

Once you register and pay online & book the appointment with one of our experts of your choice, a notification will be sent to our travel expert & you too will receive a confirmation on the time & date as booked. On the time and day of the appointment, the video consultation will get activated on our website www.expert4travel.com and you and expert will be able to login with your User Name and Password to join the video consultation call with the expert to discuss your requirements & preferences and check on the destination info, activities/experiences, flights, visa & other services as opted for along with a custom itinerary.