Basque in the Beauty of the Countryside


Spain is a beautiful country, rich in culture and nature. There are so many places here that you can plan road trips to, and each trip will bring you closer to something magnificent. Road trips aren't just drives; each mile you cover will teach you a lesson. It gives you time to be with your thoughts and be one with nature, but if you are in company with loved ones, it also strengthens your bond with shared laughter and joy. So, one such very unique road trip route is the basque circuit.

Basque in the glory of two nations


Road trips are where you discover life in a new light, here on this scenic route of the basque circuit which begins at Spanish port city of Bilbao. You will start moving forward through forested hills and open plains, with people trying to keep their eyes on the road than getting lost in the splendid beauty around them. 

Once you find yourself back at the Atlantic Ocean coast, you will admire a tiny section of France in jaw-droppingly stunning Biarritz. On one side, you will fall in love with the vibrancy and joy in Spanish culture. At the end in Biarritz, you will have time to explore at your comfort, basking in the glory and elegance of French civility. 

Bilbao generously offers many memorable attractions like museums filled with a collection of contemporary art and beautifully planned bridges like Zubizuri and Deutso.

Quality life and charming small towns


The calendar packed with cultural activities topped up by picturesque architecture, finger-licking-ly good food, sparkling coastlines, and lively lifestyles makes San Sebastian a beacon for tourists. At the west lies a charmingly humble fishing village Getaria. You will find a beautiful amalgam of quaint traditional architecture and mesmerizing landscapes, making it a postcard-perfect destination. 

Then there is Guernica, a phoenix risen from the ashes laid during the Spanish war. The town will make you acknowledge the past, but it will also make you see how we humans have the ability to start a new. The Picasso masterpiece that has taken up an entire wall in Madrid's Reina Sofia Museum depicts the gloomiest day in the small town's history. 

Walking down the cobblestone streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz's adorned with a metropolitan feel blended seamlessly with local tradition that brings out a comfortable homely vibe. Move along to a very traditional small town of Hondarribia, where you can find perfect backgrounds for pictures to flood your Instagram feed at every corner of streets bursting with colors and aesthetically pleasing dining options. 

Rioja Alavesa and Bermeo are the places that give you once-in-a-lifetime views. If you feel adventurous, you can go surfing at Zarautz.

At the end of the road


As you touch the French border into the province of Labourd, there is a visible change in landscapes. History dating back to pre-Roman times, a distinct architectural style, lighthouses, and grand hotels; the French side will let you experience a very laid-back but elegant lifestyle. 

You will carry the memories of this road trip filled with artisan food, tapas dishes, red wine, the endless beauty of nature's wonders at every kilometer, and unique cultural traditions for lifetimes to come. 

December 13, 2021
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