Bridge In the Sky

Nine Arch Bridge - One of the most iconic places of Sri Lanka

Life is all about crossing bridges, both symbolical as well as literal. When you first see the Nine arch bridge in Sri Lanka, you are left in awe. With the magnificent structure and the very romantic ambience of the surrounding, this place should be on your bucket list. 

Mystical arches of the morning mist

We have only seen some of these picturesque scenes in movies or on our desktop wallpapers, but seeing it so up close through your own eyes is an astonishingly beautiful experience. The Nine Arch Bridge is located between the Ella station and Demodara station. You can take a tuk-tuk from Ella town near the bridge and hike up a little to get the best view. The tuk-tuk ride is as funny as it sounds. 
If you want to experience that mystical vibe of getting lost in the clouds and mist as if you are walking towards something divine, then reach near the bridge as early as possible. Watching the sun come up above these arches is quite a picturesque moment. These stone bridges are flanked by thick jungle and tea plantations. In Pinterest terminology, you can call this place the cottage core aesthetics. Imagine the kind of pictures you take for your Instagram, so dress pretty. 

Above the clouds where angels sing

Once you arrive at the bridge, you will see a paradise as if the angels themselves created it, and the nine arches bridge stands as proof of human intervention. Although they built the bridge entirely from rocks, bricks and cement, no metals were used, which gives us an astonishing idea about the people back then, who could build such design with so much detail and accuracy. The bridge has been standing pretty and proud since 1941.
Locals call this bridge ‘Ahas Namaye Palama’ in Sinhala, which means nine skies bridge. You must go below the bridges and watch the blue sky as the birds chirp somewhere over the trees. The view from below is very dreamy. If luck favors you, then you will see the famous blue train passing slowly over the bridge, painting a very mystical and captivating picture.
Hike up, take photos, have local food, drink coconut water and admire the views of the most amazing bridge in Sri Lanka. 

Hopping around for the perfect frame

The explorer in you would want to capture this scenic beauty from all angles, so you will find some pretty places from where you can look at the bridge. You can go on the track itself, on the northern end there are tea fields which again a different background for photo enthusiasts. There is a small hill from where you will have a perfect view of the curve; a little above the high end is a cute cafe from where you can see the train emerging from the tunnel.

Looking at all the clouds around, will have you feeling very close to the divinity. The bridge will indeed connect you more with nature and leave you fascinated by our human ability to create something so magnificent!
Klaus O
December 13, 2021
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