Budget Travel Destinations in India

It is quite easy to travel to marvellous locations and have tremendous fun when the cost is not a problem. But it is a traveller’s trick to not compromise on the budget and yet travel to mind-blowing destinations. While India has many options for a budget trip, there are a few places that top the chart and are worth at least one visit in this lifetime -


A tiny temple town at the border of the Thar Desert and 15km from Ajmer, Pushkar in Rajasthan is one of the best places to visit if you are travelling on a budget. The village temple dedicated to Lord Brahma is the only temple in the world of the diety making it an important pilgrim for the Hindus. One can enjoy camel riding or desert camping in the vicinity of the village. People also tend to explore 52 ghats, narrow alleys, palaces, and bazaars here. The Pushkar Mela hosted every November, attracts innumerable tourists from around the world.


Surrounded by palm trees, blue seas, golden sands and clear skies, Gokarna is another pilgrimage town in the state of Karnataka. The newly found attraction for beach lovers and hippies, a trip to Gokarna is easy on the pocket and very budget-friendly. Gokarna is yet not a completely explored destination which means the town might still have some breath-taking vistas hidden from the touristy crowds. An easy getaway from the fast pace of city life, Gokarna offers its visitors the opportunity to simply relax and enjoy as the waves crash on the shores and the gentle breeze caresses your face and mind and loosens your knots.


Located in the northern hills of Kerala, Wayanad is famous for its spice plantations and rich wildlife. Wayanad offers an incredible experience for a budget trip. Abundant in waterfalls, historical caves, temples and bio-diversity, Wayanad is a comfortable stay in the company of nature. Wayanad is known for the Wayanad Wildlife Reserve which boasts a variety of flora and fauna. Located peacefully among the serene hills of Western ghats, strolling through the spice plantations, trekking to the pre-historic caves or experiencing a resort vacation are a few things Wayanad has
to offer.


The spiritual capital of India, also known as Kashi or Benaras, Varanasi is the world’s oldest city. Located on the western banks of the Ganges, Varanasi is a religiously important city and hence, it is considered an auspicious place to die as it is believed that it offers moksha; freedom from the vicious cycle of life and death. Here, you’ll find a temple at every corner of the road but the Kashi Vishwanath Temple is the most visited and the oldest of them all. There are vivid sights, sounds and smells to experience here but everything comes to a halt right before dusk for the great Ganga Aarti filled with grandeur. And if you’re someone that loves food, don’t forget to try the famous local chaats and lassis here.
Kaushak M
Kaushak M
January 17, 2022

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