City Of Canals And Its Picturesque Beauty

Reminiscing of the old times, I always look back to when I backpacked to one of the most beautiful cities in the world; the City of Venice. This capital of Vento region in Italy is a combination of 118 small islands all very close to each other; almost making it a complete landmass. The canals flowing in between, makes this city even more of a romantic spot than any. All these islands are accessible via ferries and small boat. There are even bridges if you prefer to have a long stroll through the city instead.

What a great summer it was, the harsh sun of India suddenly was just (As soon as I left the airport, I was greeted by) warm and peaceful in this City of Canals. Roaming around the streets felt like I was in one of those Hollywood Rom-Com movies, the only thing missing was the company of a woman. Well, I did go on a solo-trip so that’s completely on me. Moving along, there were countless destination and a very limited time. 

St. Mark's Basilica and Doge’s Palace

When in flight, the first destination that popped up in my head was St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. These were the two main destinations I had to visit because it was a must; plus, my friends were bombarding me to visit these two places in particular. So, the peer pressure and with somewhat of my own will, I decided to visit St. Mark's Basilica and Doge’s Palace first. 

Reaching there was another big challenge as cabs in Venice go as far as Piazzale Roma and that’s it. After which you are left with the choice of taking a ferry or Gondola to the destination or just walk. For me though, I chose to walk. Walking around this amazing city and seeing the old architecture, awakened the photographer in me, also a geek who would google each and every monument he comes across. The very first thing I saw after leaving my hotel was an Italian Post Office, Poste Italiane. There were many cafes all around the city and each and every one of them offered its own unique and special dishes. In my mind, the city was just like any sub-rural, ancient development but what I saw with my own eyes was completely different. There were shopping centers and the whole city was bustling with many tourists just like me. 

I can never forget the first time I laid my eyes upon St. Marks’s Basilica. I have seen it many times in different movies and tv shows. But what was in front of me was so astounding. Such unique and intricate craftsmanship. Completed in the year 1094, St. Mark’s Basilica represented the wealth and power of Domenico I Contarini. He was the Doge of Venice and certainly wanted to show what he and his region was capable of. And well, he showed them good. 

Right in front of the Basilica, I also saw the Doge’s Palace. This magnificent palace once stood tall and after a fire broke out, many things were destroyed. The Chamber of The Great Council houses the longest canvas painting in the world. The design and the carvings on the door are such that it still preserved the Byzantine-Venetian architecture. I was wowed by what I just witnessed. After countless pictures and shooing away the pigeons, it was time for me to go on ahead with my journey. 

Murano and Burano Island 

It was already noon, but my journey was not yet over. Next up on the list I had the Murano and Burano Island. I had to back track a bit up north for about a kilometer to board a ferry ride once again to this gorgeous island. The water was glistening with the light from the sun sitting right at top of my head. It was so pleasant, I felt like just swimming in that water for hours. But reality hit me hard when I remembered that I can’t swim. On the way we saw yet another independent small island which housed a few monuments and cemetery grounds. 

After about 10 minutes of ferry ride, we arrived at the Murano Ferry point. This was the main island of Murano, from here one can literally go anywhere and find themselves engulfed in the art of glass blowing and making numerous things like bottles, jewelries out of glass. Just watching them make these was an adventure enough as this is one of the industries that is dying. And all the people of this island are the only ones that are determined to keep this art alive. This also serves as their livelihood as many tourists visiting this island tend to buy souvenirs for their friends and family. And trust me when I say you would like to buy these. I literally watched as the older gentlemen made me a glass jewelry that looked like a butterfly. I ended up gifting that to my mother and she loves it!

The trip to Venice was sure short but worth each and every penny I paid for it. I would always cherish the memories of this amazing trip and will never forget the smile and peace it brought to me. 
Klaus O
January 06, 2022
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