Europe's Best-Known Prehistoric Monument


Stonehenge, England

England has some very fascinating monuments which blow your mind with their design, architecture and history. Some of these monuments have been preserved and are considered world heritage sites. These monuments will make you think about the culture and lifestyle of the people who lived during these structures' era. One such splendid monument is The Stonehenge. The pretty rocks are standing around as if having a crucial round table conference discussing the course of action to save humanity from evil. Not the perfect metaphor, but different people have looked at these stones from different perspectives.

Stones of life and divinity

Once you arrive at the mythical standing stone circle on Salisbury Plain, you will be awestruck by sight. These stones stand in a circle in a unique arrangement as if a few giant kids were playing some board game and left it midway. The green tabletop landscape, clear blue Sky and these stones enhance the beauty by standing tall and proud; the whole sight creates a picturesque beauty. Yes, at some point in your life back in the 2000's you must have had a picture of Stonehenge as your desktop wallpaper. But a picture and experiencing it, in reality, are far different things. 

Some say it's the ancient burial ground, some say A place for important ceremonies, For healing, for study on the star, etc. But only these stones carry the tales of their existence. 

If you are here at sunset, then watching that ball of fire go down from the space between these stones is a memory you will cherish for lifetimes. 

Royal crescent and chambers of secrets

If you had done your homework before you planned your tour here, then you must be aware that this place is like a wonderland for movie buffs. The stone path walks, old towns and beautiful castles have starred in multiple movies and tv shows. 

When Romans invaded Britain, they built these baths around hot water springs running through the place, which are supposed to be sacred and believed to have healing powers. A visit to the museum will give you a glimpse into the Roman lives.

Then another beauty you must explore is the Pulteney Bridge which you might have already seen in Florence's Ponte Vecchio – Les Misérables. In England, you are bound to come across tiny villages with stone houses, stone houses, an old market cross, an ancient church replete with crumbling gravestones and a flowing stream. One such picturesque village is the Castle Combe in Cotswolds. Downtown Abbey fans, watch out for this magnificent beauty in season six. Then my fellow Potterheads, there is a treat for you. A 13th-century country house in the heart of Lacock has been an attractive side actor in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. Another fun fact, Window in the South Gallery of Lacock Abbey is made from the oldest photographic negative in existence.

The stone circle and these gorgeous sites are the perfect tour package. You can take in the beauty of nature, bask in the glory of these artefacts who have weathered hundreds of seasons, stroll around tiny villages and have a relaxed lunch. You surely would leave with a broad smile and twinkle in your eyes!
December 13, 2021
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