Exploring the Largest City of Switzerland

Story of Zurich, a central transportation hub and a top starting point for travelers

Ranked for the highest quality of life for several years, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. The swiss city where money makes things run round and people enjoy the elite-living experience filled with relaxed walks under the shiny sun at the banks of the river or lake. The city has such a laid-back vibe with the quaint laneways, pretty paste building, and cobblestone pathways. You will find suit-clad men and women going about their busy day, and on the other side, you will find people dressed in their best casual fit just hanging around, sitting at the benches just admiring the surroundings.

Bike tours and trailing through trams

In this city, you have multiple options to satisfy your urge to explore every nook and corner. You can stroll around aimlessly window shopping, you can take a bike ride feeling the Swiss air on your face, or you can have a relaxed ride in a tram that runs all over the city. 

Zurich is perched at the side of the river and a lake. You will find tourists enjoy floating around the sparkly aqua water on their rubber boats or some taking boat rides that make stops at various restaurants bustling with people enjoying their food lazily, savoring every last morsel. Swiss food is satisfyingly refreshing made with local ingredients that burst your tastebuds with many flavors and artistic presentations that will stay on your Instagram feed for years to come. 

Kids running around the edge of the lake, young people strolling lazily around with a local band and street dancers performing their art lost in their passion, fishing boats bobbing around the piers. one mind-blowing thing is that you can see the swiss alps from the city centre. Snow-capped mountains glistened in the sunshine giving a jaw-dropping background over the red-roofed city line at the horizon. 

Dreamy skies, mouth-melting treats and bursts of joyful colors

Sanding at the busy bridge looking over the waters, you will find yourself in a very dreamy space because when the sun starts to drift further away, the Zurich skies turn into mesmerizing shades of orange, pink and purple. The city lights gleaming under these skies paint a splendid picture. 

Beautiful buildings with all shapes and colous erecting straight out of the ground walk around Linderhof park, then a visit to Landes museum which will give you a peek into entire Swiss culture and history. You can then stare for hours at Chagall windows Created by a Russian-French artist, these magnificent stained-glass windows bath the chapel in a rainbow of light, with each window located in the choir depicting a different story. 

Highlight reel of Zurich life

The most intriguing fact about Zurich is the drinkable water fountains placed at multiple spots around the city. You enjoy your beer from the rooftop bars overlooking the city from a bird's eye view, where you can ponder over your life experiences or marvel at the beauty of Zurich's magnificent architecture of notable medieval landmarks, including the Chapel Bridge, one of Europe's oldest covered bridges. 

Then obviously, if you do not conclude your trip by taking home bags filled to the brim with Swiss chocolates, then what's the fun. You must indulge yourself in a chocolate factory tour at Lindt home chocolate. 

Zurich will give you a modern fairy tale experience; it will give you joyful memories and innumerable aesthetically pleasing pictures for your Instagram!
Klaus O
December 13, 2021
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