Gateway to Southeast Asia

Gateway to a tropical paradise - 

When we say Gateway to Southeast Asia, it means the all year warm and humid country 'Singapore'. This is where high-class elites go to have a few moments of solace, where genius minds in the world ponder over ideas about new technology and innovation. With rainforests dominating the country, the connecting 22-meter high OCBC Skyway overlooks the city. Multicultural history represented through art, architecture and folklores. 

The multicultural epicenter of the world

In Singapore, you will find many cultures living harmoniously in tightly-packed neighborhoods. You'll find a fascinating mix of architecture packed into small spaces that draw from a complex cultural heritage at kampong glam. Take a walk along Haji Lane admiring the Malay murals on the walls and streets bustling with shopaholics, or you can spend a few minutes taking in the jaw-dropping gold and white structure of the sultan mosque. 

A part of Singapore is known as Little India due to the colorful Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, an opulent temple dedicated to the goddesses Kali and Parvati and a friendly neighborhood packed with delicious food stalls with loud tones of Bollywood music and delightful fragrance of curry spices drifting in the air. 

Explore the China town, where the streets are filled with blood-red and gold. You don't have to ask around as the loud clanging comes through food stalls. You see a smiling chef showcasing his skills of throwing the noodles in the air and catching them accurately while standbys hold their breath at such mastery. 

Glimpse into futuristic wonders of nature

Gardens of the Bay is where you will find gigantic, glowing super-trees, a cloud forest, the world's tallest human-made waterfall and brightly colored flower gardens. You will get a glimpse of how it might look 5o years down the line when humans with the power of modern technology take over, creating something so beautiful bending the rules of nature. It is also a scary thought, but you should enjoy the gleaming beauty for now. 

Adrenaline rushing Activities in Singapore 

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Live your wildest dream of going Gravity-Free and Fly High. Take a morning cable car ride to Sentosa, and the mood for the day’s aerial-themed activities is set. My first pit-stop was at iFly Singapore—the world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving.

The wind tunnel’s 18-feet-tall acrylic glass walls will allow you an unrestricted view of the South China Sea, as you ride winds that reach over 230 kilometres per hour. Fear not if you’re a first-timer, as iFly’s seasoned instructors will be there to guide you through the entire process. Become a real-life Superman for the day.

Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett

Spend the rest of the afternoon testing your fortitude with daredevil thrills at Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett.

The site features a range of high-flying activities, including a 47-metre-high bungee jump, a vertigo-inducing giant swing, and a towering sky bridge. The latter features a Glass Cube which gives visitors the illusion of walking on air—an undertaking that’s certainly not for the faint at heart.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

A perfect pit-stop for travelers visiting Singapore with their loved ones, Adventure Cove Waterpark offers thrills, spills and a splashing good time for the entire family. This aquatic amusement park boasts various water activities, including tubing, snorkeling and thrilling rides.

Singapore offers a brilliant and remarkable getaway from our monotonous lives. The experience of witnessing the man-made marvels and the natural emotions that engulf Singapore, has left me wanting for more.
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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