Goa's Scenic Isolation

Arambol Beach, Goa's Beach of Choice

Many of us are no strangers to the sandy beaches and tourist hubs of goa. Goa has been a go-to destination for many explorers. But every time you visit the place, you find something new. It feels like this place teases you by holding back a part of itself, seducing you with its mystery, leaving you wanting for more.

"Well, aren't all the beaches in Goa the same? "Well, absolutely not; each beach in Goa has a certain uniqueness, the eyes of a true explorer can see. Imagine if you find a beach that has hippie vibes with vegan food, trance music, and free spirits walking around with their headscarves and DIY clothes. Decades ago, hippie culture was very predominant in a certain part of goa, now remnants of that culture can be found at the 'Arambol beach'. Yes, today when you visit the beach, you will find modern day hippies over there.

Scenic isolation

Not many people are aware of Arambol beach, including Indian people. It is the least explored spot by tourists located in North Goa. The serenity this place offers is all worth traveling so far, away from beaches like Mandrem and Ashwem beach, situated on the same northern lines.

Now scenic isolation? Isolation can be lonely, so how can it be scenic? Solitude is not inherent to loneliness, and it's free will. It's a choice that people at Arambol have made. The place is filled with a rush, electricity with a certain calmness lying underneath, liberating your soul. It doesn't have any melancholic vibe.

You can lie on the sand soaking in the sun while staring at it or go to a sweet water lake, which is even more secluded. Surrounded by coconut trees, salty air, and a glass of your favorite drink, Arambol beach will surely unwind you.

Sunset parties and grooving to the beat

When you are at Arambol beach, you will notice the day is very bright. Still, it gets a lot darker rapidly as the sun starts to set, and that's when the people become more alive. You will find a lot of modern-day hippies, bohemians, people so attuned to nature, who listen to old rock bands but party to modern trance music that gets your blood pumping.

As we know, music is an integral part of our lives. Here you will find people jamming their guitars sitting on benches or cafes, fusion music being played by unknown bands at the quiet corner of the beach, trance beats humming through the air, and laughter of old retired people ringing through the air as they vibe to old country music.

This beach is famous for its sunset parties; when the sun goes down, folks at the beach gather around to dance along with tribal tunes and drumbeats. Once you are out of your first wave of self-consciousness, you can let yourself go and dance till your feet hurts. You can dance like nobody's watching, and honestly, nobody does because everyone is lost in their own world. It is also an ice breaker while mingling with new people.

Be one with nature

Like you must have guessed by now, people come here to meditate, play music, relax and be one with nature. This place is best to connect with people who have got wanderlust in their blood, to whom every corner of the universe is exciting, who prefer exploring the world and giving free hugs.

If you want chilled vibes, live music, tasty food, and open-minded people, as you take a break away from the world where we are slaves to technology, this beach is for you.
Klaus O
December 06, 2021
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