God's Own Country

Kerala’s Backwaters for relaxation (Alleppey)

With your feet dipped in the water under the cold silhouette of a tree, a shy touch of sun rays, surrounded by greenery, the stillness of the ambience getting disturbed by the lapping of water as a boat passes by, like a scene from a movie. Where the main character sits at the bank of a river staring at the wonders of nature, watching colourful birds fly over the head; lost in the dreamland. Your imagination can be turned into reality at Kerala Backwaters.

Even the Internet is a simp

If you google 'God's own country', it will show you an image of a place filled with different shades of green and a colourful houseboat. Yes, the Backwaters of Kerala are considered a heavenly place, almost as if it was created by celestial beings with utmost care.

If you are at the backwaters, it would only make sense if you book yourself a houseboat. House on water, what a bizarre concept, but it can give you the most exhilarating experience of your life. As you gaze at the horizon from the boat house, which still has an aura of old India, surrounded by coconut trees, the whole ambience brings tranquility to your heart and soul.

If you were a kid hopping around the boats in Alleppey

Your morning will start with chirpings of unknown birds and locals' light chatter, starting with their daily chores. You will see parents and kids lined up along the jetty to get on the waterbus. YES, here we have water boats and water taxis. It's not like there are no vehicles on the ordinary roads; People use their bikes and cars to go out of the city. But here most of the people prefer travelling through waterways. So, you also get to experience traffic in the waters. They are yet to put traffic signals in the water though.

Looking at those kids going to school will make you wonder what if you were born at this place? What if you were the kid who silently chases butterflies along the banks of the backwaters or the notorious kid who chases boats. Childhood at this little paradise would have been wonderful. 

Amidst the coconut laden lands and green fields lay the locals' simple homes, sloppy roofs, small gardens, and exclusive docks to tie their boats. 

Let's talk about food, along with the famous south Indian dishes. You will get to taste non-veg dishes like fresh karimeen. You will have freshly caught fish marinated with different south Indian spices and cooked in banana leaves. You will be licking your fingers just inhaling its aroma. 

Get your ducks in a row

Duck Farming. How many of us knew it was a thing? But yes, it's prevalent at Alleppey to see small fenced areas near the house where tiny ducks roam around doing their quack-quacking. A long pole and nets are used to keep them inside. 

Like we usually have shops around every corner of the road, we have shops around the backwaters. You can just stop your boat, hop on the others, buy your candies and stuff, then get back inside the boat. It's almost like you are on a completely different variant of our mother earth. 

If you like to indulge in some hard drinks, then try the traditional drink of Kerala – Toddy, or you can have coconut water as much as you can. 

On one side, you will see a church, another side, a temple and as you row your boat ahead, you will even get a glimpse of a mosque. Such a beautiful presentation of coexistence will bring peace to your mind. The pristine beauty and calmness of the water will put your mind and its turmoil at peace. As the sunset casts a warm glow on the backwaters, it gives a flicker of hope to rediscover yourself. And as you see the moonlight sketch a silver border on the palm-fringed landscapes, you'll experience that this place is indeed the epitome of serenity!
Klaus O
December 06, 2021
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