Golden Sand Beaches of Gran Canaria

I am a beach fanatic! There - I’ve said it. You see, as someone who is so fond of beaches, it was expected that Gran Canaria was always a part of my travel bucket list. And that trip was like a dream come true for me. Miles and miles of beaches. You could fall asleep at one and wake up at another beach. It is just the perfect place for someone like me.

If I had a choice, I would stay here forever and always be on a hunt for the hidden gem of the island that locals keep a secret. Nevertheless, on this trip itself, I was able to unearth some treasures of this island. One of them being the Playa De Veneguera. This beach is one of Gran Canaria’s best-kept secrets. Hidden behind a beautiful valley filled with dramatic weather and fantastic flora lies the isolated Playa De Veneguera. Reaching this beach is a thrill in itself as you’ll have to cross the hamlet of Veneguera, then pass the valley and finally you’ll reach the isolated Playa De Veneguera and trust me it is totally worth the effort.

Playa De Veneguera is an untouched beach with natural beauty in its raw form and hardly any people around. Since I had crossed the valley walking, I decided to rest my feet and just laid back on the sand. The music of crashing waves and the melody of the whooshing wind was relaxing my mind, body and soul. The lullaby of the nature was mellifluous and mesmerizing. I took a stroll by the shore and the vast expanse of sea water ahead of me was overwhelming.

Many such amazing surprises were in store on my visit to Gran Canaria. Another must-visit was in the heart of the capital city of Las Palmas; Las Canteras. Las Canteras is one of Europe’s most famous city beaches. This nature’s backdrop in a city-like setting is what makes it the pearl of the city. The natural offshore lava reef, also known as ‘La Barra’ by the locals, acts as a wavebreak and protects the marine life making Las Canteras, a popular snorkelling spot among the tourists.

The weather was quite pleasant, and continues to be pleasant all year round. The capital city is known for its night life and hence I had decided to visit this beach around evening. So I put my feet up and decided to enjoy a chilled bear at one of the bars and cafes that adorn the coast as the sunset painted the sky in shades of oranges, yellows, pinks, purples and blues. One of the locals told me that Las
Canteras is also known as the ‘Changing Beach’ because it appears different on every visit. While it might not be possible to know if this is true on this visit, I plan to find out the truth about this on my next visit to Gran Canaria.

Another one of my astounding visits was to the beach of Maspalomas. Maspalomas beach is like Sahara Desert meeting the Sea Coast, only except the fact that Sahara Desert is in Africa. But the point is the sand dunes created by winds makes you feel like you’ve landed in a story of The Arabian Nights. Due to these dunes, Maspalomas is visited by the tourists in large numbers. But unlike before, after the lockdown in the year 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government realized that the general aspect of the dunes had improved and hence from then on only certain said trails might be open to the people.
Klaus O
January 17, 2022
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