Heavenly gateway towards solitude

Spiti Valley - India's best camping site from the Himalayas

Mountains standing tall looking over the humanity, oldest monasteries, kind-hearted people with their warm smiles and picturesque barren lands, tiny villages which seem like they are untouched by the atrocities of humanity, for explorers who want to enjoy moments of solitude and be one with the nature, this would feel like a picture-perfect destination…...

It might take a little more effort to reach this place, but all the tardiness and exhaustion of that long journey goes away when you arrive at this ridiculously gorgeous place. 

Strange Lands and Enchanted Mystery 

When you expect snow-capped mountains, lush green festivities, and the rush of the tourist crowd, this place will surprise you with its hauntingly calm, yet so spellbinding beauty. As you go ahead from Rohtang pass, you will see nature starting to change its color from snowy mountains and lush greens; from serene landscapes to gravel, mountains turning brown and rocky, lush greens disappearing into barren lands.

Perched at the plains of Spiti river, lapped by majestic mountains, is a Kaza village. Tiny houses with solar panels and prayer flags dancing with the wind, the place is strangely calm when you are always rushing in the fast-paced city. The place shimmering with streams is divided into old Kaza and new Kaza, adding more charm to the fascinating amalgam of modernity and ancient culture. The presence of historical wonders, monasteries, and gompas gives this place a mystical aura. 

 A 1000-year-old monastery in Kibber, the largest monastery in Spiti Valley, is a magnificent structure that overlooks the turquoise ribbon flowing through the valley. 

Postcard-perfect memories 

The highest village in the world, komik, leaves you with a strange epiphany of your place in this world. 
'Slide into my dm' generation is still strangely obsessed about getting to know the previous decades. Here you will find the highest post office in the world at hikkim. Which takes you back to the days where you would collect postcard stamps instead of insta followers.

Locals over here, with their crinkled smiles and warmest hearts, have opened their homes for tourists. You can spend time at their place learning about their fascinated lives in this strange land which seems like one of the magical places from the adventures of merlin. 

You can stay with locals or in bright-colored cottages, or you can have camps in between to watch the night sky with the calm water of Chandra Taal (MoonLake) beneath. Despite the rugged surroundings, the stunning views of monasteries whose design and architecture, the woodwork, and little detailing will leave you amazed. Folklore says some of these structures were hideouts for Pandavas from Indian Mythology. 

The vibrancy and the gloominess add to the glory of this mystic place  

The beauty and the whole experience is so bizarre to put into words.  At one side, we have barren lands in the backdrop, tiny English houses with their bright colored square windows, delicious food made by locals from freshly picked ingredients, colorful flags shimmering with the wind, random corners filled with sunflowers chasing the scene, bringing energy and vibrancy to this strange land. While the other side is filled with adventure and silent tales of history echoing in the valley, having fossils of marine creatures and plants as a souvenir is genuinely a life-changing experience. Once you leave the place, your life will never be the same. 
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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