Historic Yorkshire

The British - Irish boyband took over the world in One direction, whose two members charmed the world with their beautiful voice and Yorkshire accent. Louis Tomlinson from Doncaster of south Yorkshire and Zayn Malik from Bradford of West Yorkshire. The beautiful countryside was known for its fantastic landscape, historic towns, bustling cities and friendly people. But these two boyband members indeed spiked people's curiosity to find where they came from. 

Located to the north of England, Yorkshire boasts of diverse unspoiled countryside. Not a lot has changed in the place in years.
Films and fanfare

Yorkshire has been the main character in many books, films and tv shows. You Bram stoker's famous vampire novel Dracula? Well, Whitby, a seaside town of Yorkshire, makes a striking appearance in that novel. The pretty village is filled with diverse boutique shops, a beautiful harbour and dramatic ruins of Whitby abbey. It offers a spectacular view, especially if you are someone who daydreams a lot; you can find yourself with the imagination of you being the vigilante from 1800 solving a thrilling chase on the streets of Whitby. 

You will know why such imagination will strike you when you start exploring Yorkshire. It is now one of the UK's most in-demand filming destinations for TV and movies, making the region an inspiring holiday destination for film and TV fans.

Atmospheric moors, rolling dales, country vibe and preserved cityscapes haven't changed n years except for a few additions of modern amenities. Potterheads will find their favourite film destinations, then also the Railway Children and Secret Garden, Heartbeat land, home of Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax, Emmerdale and more. 

Every town in Yorkshire has its character with its magnificent country estates and heritage railways. Thomas Shelby fans will be jumping in excitement when they find striking places from the show where Thomas Shelby threw his most incredible lines. It's like Disneyland for movies buffs.

Old and new
This place is full of surprises. You can plan your trip to South Yorkshire first. The place is filled with many activities that will keep you on your toes; it's a playground for music, sports, culture and attractive nightlife. It has UK's most exemplary Gothic architecture, museums and Victorian monuments. And such an exciting blend of old and new makes it a surprising pleasant destination for all generations.

You can take a stroll down the market of Beverly. And even it's a bustling place; You can have a quiet time for yourself at independent coffee shops. Then Located inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Malham is a unique natural attraction. A large limestone formation is an eye-pleasing site. It also has a bizarre landscape formed by glaciers during the ice age.
The limestone pavements from deathly hallows will surely make you want to buy a magical broom for yourself to appreciate the contrasting greenery surrounding you.

Dungeons and ghouls

Who is not familiar with Leeds? One of the biggest rock festivals of the UK with the most diverse lineup takes place in Leeds. Well not sure if you can attend that considering when you plan your trip. But apart from that, leed is the livelier side of Yorkshire. You will instantly fall in love with the city for its stunning architecture and fascinating museums. 

On one hand, the city is proud of its history, but it also does not hesitate from the gory bits. A darker side is filled with adventures with dungeons, ghost hunts, and ghouls. 

The picturesque fishing village called Robin hood's bay, with a dramatic coastline of Flamborough, remote escape at the stunning natural side of Bolton abbey, quintessential English market town Pateley bridge, town for cycling enthusiasts Harrogate and an ideal destination for book lovers Haworth. Yorkshire has a lot to offer. A trip there to get lost in old English country vibes should be on your bucket list. 
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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