Holidate in Vienna


Christmas is the most happening festival for those who celebrate. It is a festival of family, love, traditions, loads of food, gifts, and of course, as all Christmas movies say, a festival of great life epiphanies, family drama, and romance as well. When the markets start flooding with colorful lights and ornaments. Now, of course, everyone wants to spend their Christmas holiday with their family and loved one's but if you're going to avoid meeting-the-family drama for once, then take a trip to Vienna in Austria which is truly a magical place in winter that will hypnotize you with its imperial charm and stunning architecture.

Dashing through fairytale Christmas villages

As December comes through, countless Christmas markets bloom all over the city. With chilly air taking the aroma of gingerbread and mulled wine taking with her everywhere, vibrating energy in the city transformed into glitters and dazzles of festivities. Home to Mozart, Beethoven, you can just imagine the romantic appeal Vienna has to offer. Just walking down one of these Christmas markets where you can treat yourself with waffles, hot chocolate as you glide through the streets filled with the finest arts and crafts. 

Jingle bells, Jingle bells 

All the Christmas carols just relinquish all the tardiness in your soul and fill it with new vigor. But in Vienna, you will find classical music, grand concerts, and just entertainment you can get lost in with a flute of sparkling wine.

Twinkling lights and mouthwatering treats

What is Christmas if there aren't dazzling lights? You can start your walk at the St. Stephen's Cathedral with the rows filled with crystal lights. Gigantic outdoor chandeliers make it look like a huge outdoor ballroom. You won't help but make a fun insta reel with these twinkling lights in your snuggest clothes as you enjoy holiday pastries and cinnamon cookies. Honey, spices, cardamom, and nutmeg.

Words of good cheer from everywhere, Filling the air

Viennese are fun-loving people who love winter sports, so no surprise that you find rinks throughout the city where you can go for ice skating. Albert Schultz Eishalle is the largest indoor skating rink in Vienna, where you can. Take a few wobbly steps, or if you are the expert, then you can charm your partner with some gliding moves over the ice. Adding to the romance element, you can experience that royal gala life by attending a Viennese ball. Where you can dress fancy and enjoy the finest Austrian wines, fireworks, and the Blue Danube waltz. The laughter, loud chatter filled with excitement of young and old rings loudly in the air when you pass by these venues. 

Santa Claus is coming to town

You do not have to wait for Santa to have a unique Christmas holiday date that will fulfill all your wishes and fantasies. Because Vienna has everything to offer that you can imagine for a Christmas wish. The heart of Austrian culture is Schönbrunn Palace or sunset from the top of St' Stephen's cathedral that will take your breath away. The taste of royal at the state opera house, the heaven of book nerds Hofburg palace, the hauntingly beautiful roman ruins at Michaelerplatz will give you a glimpse into old Austrian life. 

As you take a stroll down the bustling streets, lighten up with vivid colors, joy, and happiness, you will fall in love trying to capture the beauty of the place with your eyes and camera as the distant ringing of Christmas bells from every corner adds more essence to the Christmas vibe!
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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