Irish Charm of British Isle - Ireland

When someone talks about Ireland, a few things immediately come to our mind. Niall Horan, Guinness Beer, Irish pubs, and Vikings. Even some of the episodes of Game of Thrones were shot here. But not just that, Ireland has a unique culture, mesmerizing scenery, friendly locals, traditional music, rolling hills, fascinating history, and finger-licking delicious food. 

Let's see what things in this Emerald Island of British Isles will blow your mind -

Steeped into history

Ireland is known for its heritage as a Vikings stronghold. So, if you start exploring Dublin, the friendly city everyone knows, you will find it always buzzing with so much energy all year along. Talking about Vikings, there are remnants of that era displayed through museums and artifacts, but you won't find longships, big beards, and horned helmets looking terrifying walking down the street staring at you with those treasure-hungry eyes; well, that era is gone now. Dublin is filled with representations of items discovered by archaeologists while excavating for developments across the city. 

Princess kiss to the castle 

There are way too many castles scattered around the country. Some of them are surrounded by such scenic beauty that it feels something straight out of Historical Romance fiction where women roamed around the castle in their long gowns, and people practiced sword fighting in the front yard. 

These castles are mythical sites shrouded in myths and legends dating back hundreds of years. One such castle is Blarney Castle in Cork. People kiss the famous Blarney Stone, which is said to give you the 'gift of the gab.'

Then there is a Bunratty Castle where the village folks will give you an immersive experience of what life might have been like in those ancient eras. Like you are part of some Netflix trending period drama.

Walk Along the hills and cliffs 

There are many cliffs and hills where you can go a far little bit of hiking and have any enlightening experience of listening to the sound of nature and getting lost in it. The dramatic sea-cliffs of Clare. Glaring mountains of Kerry, The rugged charms of Cork, the serenity of Wicklow, and tranquility at walking along the cliffs of Moher. What a wonderful experience!

Intense enthusiasm of Irish nights

The nights in Ireland are wild. You can go into an authentic Irish pub, and voila, by the end of the night, you might have a musical band of your own. Traditional Irish music, seisiún, is fascinating and is so magical. Irish music is lively, enthralling, inclusive, and mesmerizing. 

Irish beef, freshly-grown vegetables, and locally-sourced seafood, Irish cuisine has a unique taste with a rustic yet modern touch. It's not just boiled potatoes and vegetables; some movies lie! The loud laughter ringing out from every corner on these streets is contagious. 

Ireland is known for its incredible festivals. Music, plays, contemporary performances displaying the deep-rooted culture is something one should not miss.

Friendly lads of friendly cities 

Irish people are known to be the friendliest people. Take Galway, which is voted the friendliest city in Ireland, will captivate your heart with its charm and new-age hipster vibes. Suppose you have watched some famous Irish celebrity interviews like Cillian Murphy of Peaky blinder or Niall Horan of one direction. In that case, you will realize that these handsome blue-eyed people with heavy accents and dry-humored tones can make almost anything sound funny and witty.

Ireland is the most vibrant country filled with warm and happy souls. This emerald island will make you fall in love with its Irish charm!
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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