Leh the Nubra be with you.

Exploring the many worlds of Nubra Valley in Ladakh

In life, many of us want a relaxed life, and some of us seek adventure every step of the way. When it feels like the walls are closing up, we pack our bags and getaway to unwind. We have a perfect destination for you, a valley nestled between Nubra and the shyok river at the north of Leh.

Grandeurs of mountains and splendors of crystal clear water

Those who have been planning a trip to Leh Ladakh would be well aware of khardung la pass. It will lead you to the most mesmerizing destination 'Nubra Valley. As you travel along the road, your mind will get blown away by the colors and textures you will see on the landscapes.

The vast expanse of dessert has a beautiful color palette of white sand dunes, lush greens, Aquatic blue of the lake, and greyish mountains at the backdrop. The splendid view will give you perfect Instagram-worthy pictures. The grandeur of mountains with different shades of brown and grey will dazzle you. The sun shining so bright will cast its reflection on the white sand dunes. The crystal water of the river is sparkling, creating the illusion that pebbles underneath the water are valuable gems.

Untouched and Unexplored

If you are a true explorer, you will always find a thrill in finding untouched places, just like the remote villages in Nubra valley. These villages look like many creations in their purest form, untouched and cut off from modern civilization. The enthusiasm of locals for being captured in the camera lenses by tourists will warm your heart. Vivid landscapes of Nubra give you an aesthetic background for your pictures that you will want to post them on your social media then and there unedited.

Oasis of life

Where Shyok river meets the Nubra lies as village hundar an oasis itself. Surrounded by massive sand dunes with Hundar at one side and Diskit at the other, you get to enjoy the rarest Bactrian camels safari. You will get a glimpse of a village lost in time but still standing proud and welcoming to its guest, village sumur. Nature and humans have some sort of divine connection, with about 40 families building a life in the cold, barren desert.

Regions and Religions

The home to largest, oldest region, and richest monastery - Diskit. Surrounded by murals, scriptures, and a Massive 106ft Buddha Statue overlooking the region, witnessing the generations pass by.
In between the lines - Lying on the lines between India and Pakistan is India's northernmost village - Turtuk. The people over here are mixed culture which is profound in their unique features as well. The culture is mainly influenced by Tibetan, Indian, and Muslims, but Buddhism remains the major religion in Turtuk.

Unusual serenity and a peaceful atmosphere Isolation seekers. The serene surroundings and the peaceful ambiance are the perfect gateways to heaven on earth for those seeking isolation and thrill. The cultural diversity would make you feel like you have explored many worlds within the Nubra valley.
Klaus O
December 06, 2021
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