"Let it go" on the Frozen Water Walk

Remember Disney's Frozen? or ice age? What if you get to experience a walk on icy water in the real world? 

Chadar – The Frozen River Trek 

You have to be tough as a diamond if you are planning for the frozen river trek. Even if it is considered one of the most glorious treks in the world and the most popular winter trek in Ladakh, the Chadar trek will test your willpower and mental toughness like no other.

You better be sweating it at the gym before you plan for this trek!

"Chadar" means blanket. The layers of ice literally look like a blanket swept over the crystal blue water. Zanskar river flows through a steep canyon between Chilling and Zanskar Valley. The long-frozen river would make you wonder - how humanity must have lived back in the ice age.

Penguin walks and white walkers 

Before you actually start trekking, make sure to spend some time exploring the nearby area. Because the weather over there drops dramatically as the afternoon transits into the evening. Also, you must be a stranger to Acclimatization. Thinner air and higher altitude don't always agree with you. Explore the local market, buy your gumboots if you haven't already, and maybe go watch an ice hockey game in the neighborhood.

You must get your medical check-up done as a precaution. The adventure seeker in you must be well prepared but check your items and drink loads of water. You don't want to miss out on anything in this glorious walk of your life due to minor inconvenience. 

As you travel towards your trek’s starting point, you will get a glimpse at the turquoise river flowing alongside the chadar. Layers of freshly formed ice with sprinkles on the snow dust would want to just sprint across from ‘Tilad Sumdo’ to your last destination.

Some ‘places’ are worth melting for  

All 6 days of the trek will give you a life lesson at every narrow curve. Each day on the frozen river will surprise you with your own strength and spellbinding beauty of nature. When you are clicking pictures for your #IceAdventures, be careful that you aren't hearing any creaking sound of ice because keep in mind you are really walking on the frozen surface with water flowing down below at God speed. One wrong step and you will be down there like Captain America did for 70 years, no kidding!

Each trekker there with their fancy bright-colored jackets, beanies, and scarfs walking around like a penguin is a pretty funny sight. Once you have reached the campsite, you can play around with people who have been with you for this journey. It's fascinating to see how ice gets frozen up in so many beautiful ways; some ice would be in a crystal-like form, or you will find a very abstract kind of design below the icy surface. 

It will get so cold during the night that you might fear turning into a white walker from GOT. If you could linger around after everyone is gone back to their cocoons, gaze at the starry night with the valley humming amidst the eerie silence of the night and moonlight illuminating the ice like glowing crystals. It will give you the main character moment like no other. 

Narek Waterfall 

The much-awaited site, the frozen waterfall in Narek. By the time you arrive here, you will be high on enthusiasm and adrenaline. The sight of Narek Waterfall is magical, one cannot put into words. The experience will leave your mind numb not from the cold but just by its enthralling beauty. 

This trek is not easy, but you can’t know what you can do unless you try it. You will have to face many challenges along the way, but it's all worth it. The biggest challenge would probably be keeping your things from freezing, like toothpaste. 

When you return home, this fascinating place won't leave your mind for days like Harry styles said in one of his songs.
"You gotta see it to believe it, Sky never looked so blue
So hard to leave it, that’s what I always do
So, I keep thinking back to, “A time under the canyon moon". 
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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