Little Switzerland of India

As I finally reached the highest point of Dalhousie, tired from the long trek, I decided to take a moment to catch my breath and that’s when I laid eyes on a view, that so far I had only seen on laptop or PC screens or calendars, the ones that make you think if such beautiful places really even exist in the world. But I can tell you this much, the one in front of my eyes was 100% real and its beauty made me breathless at the same time it filled me with such satisfaction that is incomprehensible.

Complementing it was the music of the blowing wind across trees. The serene beauty of this place was blowing my mind. It made me feel like I was in some fairytale movie and any minute now I’d see fairies and unicorns flying in the sky. I could see rivers, hills, trees, birds, hamlets, forests and the creator’s masterpiece. At that moment I knew I had fallen in love with Dalhousie and everything about this place.

Dalhousie is more than just its tall Pine and Deodar trees, or the mighty mountain ranges, or its flowing clear rivers and waterfalls. It’s everything that is quiet and serene. It is India’s own little Switzerland.

Panchpula - Tingling Your Five Senses

The next morning, I decided to drive to Panchpula. What I had expected was, for it to be a waterfall just like any other. I had only visited this place because of its interesting name. On my way to Panchpula, I had made friends with a newly married couple that were here on their honeymoon. They told me about the Samadhi of Sardar Ajit Singh; the uncle of Bhagat Singh, that was at Panchpula. It is said that he breathed his last, here.

On reaching the place, the view astonished me. Yes, it was a waterfall but it was nothing like I had imagined it to be. Located amidst the green of the forest and under the clear blue sky were five majestic streams combining to create a sight so majestic that you’ll need a moment to take it all in.

Panchpula was a beautiful sight to behold. I decided to have my meal at a nearby restaurant. The waiter suggested that I try Thukpa; a Tibetan soup, and I did. This place was tingling my senses. My eyes had a pleasing scenery to look at, my nose was blessed with the exotic aroma; a mix of the wet mud and Thukpa soup, my ears were listening to the melody created by the wind and the chirping of the birds, the delicious Thukpa soup tingling my taste buds and while I felt the velvety touch of the grass on my skin. Panchpula had taken all my five senses on a joy ride.

To most, Dalhousie might just be like any other hill station, but for me, it was more than that. It had my heart. Every other place that I visited here had something new to offer, either in terms of experience or otherwise. Many times after that trip, when I found myself in a stressful situation, my heart longed for the peace that Dalhousie had to offer.
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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