Living in a Modern-Day Cave

Amboise Troglodyte, France (Rustic French cave)

Remember how we learned about the history of humanity? When humans used to live in caves, all the artwork they drew on the walls of their shelters. Then we evolved, we moved out of these caves and started building our own houses. But imagine what if we went back to the cave era in this 21st century! One place where you can get an exotic living experience in a cave with a touch of modernity is Amboise Troglodyte, France.

Flicking through the pages of history

When you reach this beautiful village graciously located in the center of France's wine-soaked Loire valley, the first thing you will notice is that you are surrounded by giant rocks with smoke coming out of the chimneys from the top. Look closely at the bottom of these rocks and you will see glass door entrances with beautiful flower arrangements lined up outside.

About Ninety million years ago, like most western Europe, France was at the bottom of an ancient ocean. Then time passed, nature changed its form; The water receded and left the land with a thick layer of limestone.

Make this feel like home

In France, these cave homes are referred to as "troglodytes. These homes are beautifully carved inside these limestone rocks. As you take first look at these tall caves with green bushes adorning the white walls from outside with colorful flower plants scattered around, you will fall head over heels, and you haven't even peaked what's inside. The pathway towards these caves is mainly adorned with bright red flowers. When the outside gives a very charmingly vintage vibe, you will be left in awe, looking at the perfect blend of ancient rock and the aura of contemporary modernity as you step inside.

It's like you are lost in the wilderness but still in the comfort of your city home. So, the owners of these caves will take you around the place, telling you their story of how they turned this into such a gorgeous place by adding their unique ideas. Their twinkling eyes filled with passion about restoring these places and their pride in their creation is fascinating. 

As you walk around the Loire valley, which is also home to Leonardo da Vinci, you will pass by half-timbered homes and troglodyte dwellings tucked into ancient cliffs, some homes built of the tuffeau stones, chateaux, and castles throughout the valley. When you think about how people must have taken refuge at these caves during wars and natural disasters. These spaces won't disappear, so people dress them up with their creativity and make the artist's galleries, vacation homes, and mystic caves ideal for some wild romance. 

With natural air conditioning keeping the place cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, you will want to cuddle in front of the fireplace with your beau hiding from the outside world, or you can relax in the open bathtub, raised on its own platform with classic vintage style with gleaming lights casting a warm glow around the cave giving it a very seductive touch. 

Amboise Troglodyte is where you can go back in time to experience the rustic vibe of ancient caves while soaking in the luxury of modern amenities!
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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