Navigating through Norway fjords

The lands of Vikings, the place awarded for its peacefulness in the world full of modern atrocities, land of the midnight sun and the polar night. When the sun starts shining brightly like he got blasted with the happiest confetti, the daylight stays 22hours straight, and northern lights are seen dancing during chilly winter nights like disco lights. Sounds like something out of a fairytale, isn’t it? 

Well, this is Norway! Nature has blessed the land with many wonders; The wilds west, diverse east, arctic north, and extremely lively south.
Exploring the hipster vibe 

The capital city of Oslo oozes coolness at its best. The laid-back vibe of the people, hipster cafes, niche shops, and architecture will leave you awestruck with its modern amazement. We suggest starting your trip from Oslo and then planning the rest of the journey.  

Did we tell you Norwegians invented skiing some 4000 years ago? Well, they did. 

Skei is filled with adventures that will give you goosebumps without cold and yet bring a wide smile on your face when you enjoy the thrill and blood pumping fun activities like hiking trails, glacier hiking, kayaking on Lake Jolstravatnet, or trying your hand at trout fishing. You can also have a quick trip to Norway’s most famous fjord, Sognefjord.  
Hopping like frogs on the Norwegian fjords 

A long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial activity, is the google definition of fjords. But in reality, when you see these fjords, they flow amidst the towering cliffs where unknown birds sing songs of joy, rustling leaves whisper secrets of nature, and the ripples in the water represent circles of life. That’s what fjords are full of life, happiness, and tranquility.

Alesund is a perfect base for visiting many Norwegian fjords. Cruising down these fjords with towering walls flanking both sides is the most exhilarating experience.
With a beautiful Art Nouveau district filled with beautiful architecture, elegant statues carved out of stone by the most skillful hands enhance its beauty. Alesund stands out from the crowd with its impressive and distinctive architecture. 

Gateway to the Fjords of Norway

Bergen, a UNESCO World Heritage City, has something to offer for all people. The bustling fish market situated here is something that one must-see. Everything would feel so romanticized here by biking on the trails, skiing slopes, hiking on glaciers, or driving around the countryside with steep and small quiet streets. The Scandinavian style of bright-colored houses pops up like Christmas decorations. When you take in the city from a panoramic point of view at the top of the floyen mountain, you will feel like you have found the peak of happiness and peace.  The nicest railway in the world, running through hills, plains, and rivers, allows travelers to enjoy the serenity from Norweigan Railways is a beautiful experience. 
Whether you get awestruck by the big city grandeur of Oslo, strolling down the cozy alleyways, stunning mountain ranges, wildlife watching near the fjords, or admiring the impressive architecture and fresh breeze of rugged coastline. Norway is where you can go to pursue happiness; after all, it is known to be the happiest place on earth.
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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