Of Pubs, Sea Breezes, and Open Meadows

“Ireland is the one place on earth that Heaven has kissed With melody, mirth and meadow and mist.”

Ireland is like that high school crush that has made a boy set the bar very high for his love in life. The most elegant, the thought of whom makes a guy’s mind go gaga, and life started feeling like an episode of a fairy tale. Ireland is like a childhood dream that came true. I have been crazy for Ireland the same way forever. And my dream of traveling to Ireland came true only sometime before.

I started my journey from Northern Ireland, landing in the vibrant city of Galway. Filled with famous art galleries, pretty stores, colorful buildings, and houses across the cobblestone street where one could find the buskers and bands singing happy songs or a couple walking delightfully across the streets of the town. Not only this, the lively pub scene and the use of the Irish language by the locals on the streets are more than enough to fill one’s heart with adoration for the place.

After Galway, I went to Arans Island - a spectacular and historical place- with ancient forts, marvelous landscape views, and cool sea breezes all around. Simply walking around for a while there was such a joy in itself.

Kinsale was my next stop, and let me admit this town is one of the most alluring places. This bustling city, dwelling beside the Bradon river, blossoming with colors brighter than the real world, is unarguably the prettiest town that I’ve ever seen. It also has monuments, be it forts, or lighthouses, which makes it feel like I was in the world one would read about in classics only. The entire country at every step is a showcase of all sorts of natural sceneries.

Located around an hour away drive from Galway, we visited the very famous Cliff of Moher. The aura of the place, the vastness of its beauty, and the way being there made me feel was extraordinary. I remember walking near the edge, and it felt like I was seeing the Earth spinning from under my feet. There was fear in my mind and after being there for a while, there was just a feeling of liveliness; I was so happy to be alive, to be at that place in the dreamy country of Ireland.

Already much thrilled by the country, I went to the capital city of Dublin at the end. I was drawn more and more to the place while witnessing the marvelous architectural monuments, be it Dublin Castle or St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and while losing myself in the tales at the James Joyce Museum, or while sitting around, talking to joyful and friendly citizens of Dublin. I remember the time days there in that pleasing country as the days of all the friendly giggles, and melodious voices, as the days of brighter, happier colors, and the day when the time seems to have slowed down a little, where the heart rejoices with joy throughout, and the soul sings calmly. More like a place and time where and when everything feels magical, like living in a fairy tale, like being in love.
Klaus O
July 26, 2022
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