Paradise along the Konkan Coast

Maharashtra's Best Beach - Ganpatipule

Toes in the sand, cool breeze caressing your cheeks and your nostrils filling with the aroma of Konakan's delicacies. Ahh … feels like a paradise. The paradise we are talking about is situated about 25kms from Ratnagiri. The coastline is significantly less explored but holds the highest value for those who worship 'Ganapati Bappa,' one of kids' and adults' favorite deities. The place is called 'Ganpatipule, 'named after the Hindu deity Ganesha.

Blessings from Ganesha 

As you get closer to the beach, you will glimpse the red stone structure with a white dome. That is the magnificent Ganpatipule temple which has got a history of its own. As you know, every place has a story of its own, and locals will tell you 10 different variations. Even this place has got many folklores. This temple is said to be 'Swayambhu', because it is said that Lord Ganesha originated over there. The beach has white sand, which means ‘Pule’ in the Marathi language. Since Lord Ganesha himself has walked on this sand, it is considered the sand that’s blessed by Lord Ganesha, hence the name ‘Ganaptipule’.

Salt air and the golden hue 

If you want to spend some time at this place, the best time to visit the beach is between October & March, when the weather is not too hot and humid. Suppose you have seen other beaches on the Maharashtra coastline before. In that case, you will notice one thing about the Ganapatipule beach that makes it stand out: white sand. When the sun starts to go down, and the sky changes its colors to orange, yellow, and scarlet hue, the sand also appears to be golden. It means the perfect backdrop for your Insta worthy pictures. As you take a walk along the beach with smooth sand beneath your feet, a soft breeze of salty air blows your hair as the waves try to play with your toes. The waves call you out to let go of your inhibition and dive into the sea, jumping along with the waves.

You will find the calm blue water; as long as you can see, you won't find any boat hindering your vision. The ambiance of this place will surely make you experience your main character moment.

Bustling little town

After visiting temples premises and walking along the beach that has brought you tranquility, now it's time to explore this bustling little town. Tall palm trees will welcome you as the serene breeze washes away the worries of your life, and the town offers luscious seafood that will make you want to never leave the place. As they say, the natives here are the kindest people who will welcome you with such warmth that you will feel like a part of their community. There are many songs written about 'Konkani people' and their warm hospitality. You will know just how right they are when interacting with the locals.

This place will trap you by offering delicious Malvan food cooked with coconut and kokum as the main ingredient that tickles your taste buds. You will find chicken and seafood as the specialty. Still, you will find so much variety in vegetarian dishes as well.

Sounds very exciting, right? But wait, that's not it …
This place is not just palm trees and sandy beaches. You will find many ancient temples, forts, and museums that will satisfy your hunger to learn about the humans that lived centuries before us.

If you ask me, a day or two is not enough. You must spend at least 4 days exploring the place, drowning in the calmness of the sea and the spirituality of the swayambhu temple. If you want to get away from your monotonous and busy life, this place will make you find the spark that was slowly fading from your soul.
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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