Picture Perfect Paris

Unforgettable reasons to go see Europe's most-visited city.

Paris is where romance blooms. We all know many confessions, proposal scenes that happened at Paris under the mighty Eiffel Tower in fiction as well as real life. The twinkling lights up the Tower illuminate the night like golden sparkles, the outdoor cafes, strangers from all over the country just hanging out spreading joy in the air and somewhere in the corner you will find a man or a woman quietly stealing shy glances with their significant other, someone having a long staring session with a pretty stranger across the road, old couples laughing at a quite bench looking at the stars and reminiscing tales of their young love. Like they say ‘Picture perfect Paris’

In this city of romance and luxury, there are many places which you can explore as a couple, as a family and not worry, as a solo traveler too. You never know even you might find romance on your solo trip. 

City of Light

When the day shines brightly under the sunlight, Paris dresses up like a pretty queen adorned with jewels, illuminating the whole atmosphere in golden. You will see the world’s largest museum with transparent architecture of glass pyramid, The Louvre. Some of the world’s finest pieces of art including Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa (known as “La Joconde” in French) can be found here. 

The Shopaholic in you will drag you to the Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. With its glamorous window displays, glitzy interiors, magnificent domes filled with Chanel and Dior to Yves Saint Laurent, these grand shops are spellbound.

City of Love

Now if you are in Paris then your heart must be begging you to visit the symbolic structure standing tall and proud nick-named as ‘The Iron Lady’. Built in 1889, Eiffel Tower shimmers and glimmers at every hour from Sunset to Midnight.

Spend an evening enjoying dinner, Orchestra and with some dazzling acts at The Moulin Rouge. It is the most famous Cabaret in the world, birthplace of the Can-can Dance. Stroll around the bridge that connects the Champs Elysées quarter and the neighborhoods around the Eiffel Tower. 

Many couples’ Instagram feed is flooded with their pre wedding shoots with numerous sculptures at the bridge. Even Adele has shot her music video at this bridge, how iconic it is! Serenades by musicians playing on the steps, their high notes giving goosebumps to the audience, watching the rooftops illuminated by the sun from top of the hill of Montmartre will give you a picturesque memory!

City full with life

Paris air hums with vibrant energy, love and happiness. It is so full of life. Especially the cafe culture and the culinary life in the French capital is known by all. A spectacular view of the city from top of the Arc de Triomphe, indulge yourself in some retail therapy at glamourous shops, get lost in the beauty of gothic facade of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Enjoy a quite dinner with your love in typical French tradition of cheese and wine. Wine lovers will be giddy with happiness while tasting distinctive French wines from Bordeaux, la Vallée de la Loire, la Vallée du Rhône. 

With Love radiating through every pore of the city, from scenic walks along the seine to getting epiphany of love under the looming Eiffel Tower. Whether you get mesmerized by jewel-like colors of medieval stained-glass windows at Sainte-Chapelle, or fall in love with the addictive combination of steak-frites with a glass of red wine in a cozy bistro, Paris leaves you in glee.
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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