Places to Visit in Phuket

Located in the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand, the island of  Phuket is a very popular tourist destination with millions of tourists from all over the world. Phuket offers a wide range of exciting activities that will surely make your vacation in  Thailand unforgettable. For years, Phuket Island has been a renowned island paradise for many travellers seeking sun and beautiful beaches. This famous island spans over 5,800 square feet and is the largest island in Thailand. Phuket is a huge combination of everything Thailand has to offer. No matter what you're looking for, there's something for everyone on the island as a vacation destination. For beach lovers, Phuket is a vast expanse of white sandy beaches covered by emerald blue waters. You'll find plenty of sunny beaches as well as snorkeling and diving spots that are perfect for your Phuket vacation. The scenery alone will make you fall in love with Phuket. Party lovers will find plenty of lively activities on the island from day to night.

Phuket Beaches 

Phuket cannot be generalized into one category. In other words, Phuket is so big that there is something for everyone on the island. Phuket is therefore home to all kinds of people, from partygoers to couples to families with children. However, if you're looking for a quiet beach destination for your vacation, Phuket isn't at the top of your recommended list—there are far better options like Khao Lak, Koh Lanta, and Koh Phangan. However, Phuket has an exception. That is neighborhoods and (exclusive) hotels that don't mind the hustle and bustle. Anyone traveling to Phuket should be aware that the island is almost exclusively for tourism. This definitely has many drawbacks. But there are also advantages. For example, medical care in Phuket is excellent. This is not often seen in other parts of Thailand. Thanks to its international airport, Phuket is perhaps (along with Khao Lak) Thailand's most accessible beach destination. Unsurprisingly, Phuket is an attractive destination for those for whom (tourist) infrastructure is of great importance. Alternatively, Khao Lak (also close to Phuket Airport) is a good choice.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha is one of Phuket's most popular attractions. Congestion is expected, especially during the day. We always visited this place in the late afternoon, but I highly recommend coming at that time of the day as well. You can't directly see the sun setting a little behind the Buddha, but the soft light makes it very beautiful. The later you go, the fewer people there are. On the other hand, sunrise is also a great opportunity!

Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town (usually called Phuket Town or Old Phuket Town) is a wonderful mix of Portuguese colonial architecture and Chinese influences. Some streets in Phuket Town have been renovated really well, I really liked  Soi Romanee (also spelled Loma). Here you'll find lovely cafes such as  Dou Brew Coffee & Craft and Torry's Ice Cream, the city's most popular ice cream shop. I think Phuket Town has a lot of nice restaurants and cafes! Phuket Town is also known for its variety of street art. Several murals and graffiti have been applied to the walls of the house with impressive detail. Our most eye-catching mural is that of the former king, located on Dibuk Road.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is known for boat tours past limestone cliffs that rise perpendicularly from the water, offering breathtaking views and stunning views. Tourists can enjoy a Thai lunch with the famous James on his tour to Bond Island or his full-day tour to the fishing villages of Koh Panyee and the  Muslim Floating Islands. You can also opt for a day trip to the turquoise waters of Phi Phi Islands and spend your time on the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Patong's Bangla Road

Phuket has a high reputation as Thailand's international party and nightlife destination. Patong's Bangla Road is the undisputed hub of nightlife. There are flashy lights, loud party music, and crowds of enthusiastic young people dancing to tunes from live bands and international DJs. Lively world-class nightclubs, bars, and restaurants bring the city to life at sunset. Partying in Phuket is one of the best things about Phuket.

Tiger Kingdom

One of the many great things to do in Phuket is visit the Great Tiger Kingdom, where many tigers are on board for you to interact with. Here you can see another side of this animal. He is one of the largest predators in the wild. This is certainly a unique experience to add to your list of unusual things to do in Phuket, and it's not every day you get this close to a tiger, so this is a must for everyone.

Promthep Cape

One of the most scenic spots in southern Phuket is this cape called Promthep Cape. The nature here is incredible and the headlands are very easy to access as they are almost directly connected to the coastal road. With that in mind, don't be surprised by the crowds at sunset. The most famous photo spot is on the summit right next to the road. There is a path leading down to the sea from here. This place is definitely no secret, it is highly recommended to come here at least for the sunset - the amazing views are worth it!

Wat Phra Thong Temple

One of the most beautiful places in Phuket, Wat Phra Thong Temple is a must-visit place to see the beautiful half-buried golden Buddha statue. Only the head and shoulders of the  Buddha can be seen, and legend has it that those who tried to excavate the statue became seriously ill or had a serious accident. It is also the oldest temple in Phuket.
Phuket boasts stunning golden sand beaches, a colourful coastline lined with huts, colourful chairs and umbrellas, exciting water sports, entertainment shows and great nightlife. Thailand's cities rank highly among popular holiday destinations in terms of parameters such as tourist friendliness, accommodation, basic facilities and access, making them comfortable and exciting vacations.
Klaus O
September 16, 2022
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