Queen of the Arabian Sea

As a Mumbaikar, I and every Mumbaikar I know, we’re very proud of the magnificent coastline that Mumbai boasts. The view of our Marine Drive or popularly known as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’, I believed was something no other city in India would be able to offer. But my trip to Kochi proved me wrong.

I overheard a group of locals proudly talking about their Marine Drive and I decided to visit it around evening. And I did. I love Mumbai and its Marine Drive but Kochi’s Marine Drive was no less. The view in front of my eyes was spectacular. The sky adorned with the oranges and violets of the sunset by the backwaters, and the vibrant colours of the Rainbow Bridge created such a flamboyant sight that I have recommended it to so many people that I know.

I decided to take a stroll by the walkway and instead of getting tired of it, the different shades of various colours in my sight were filling me with energy to take that one more step.

My trip to Kochi was a recommendation from my cousin. In the start, I was sceptical, as I’m more into hill stations, beaches, waterfalls, etc. But I changed my mind as soon as stepped out of the Kochi International airport. The weather was comfortable and this was of the cleanest cities I have visited.

A Hidden Gem

Some of my Malayalam friends after seeing my Instagram stories had suggested I visit Andhakaranazhi Beach and I’m grateful that I took their advice. I have seen many sunsets so this time I had decided that I wanted to witness a sunrise and since this beach was not known to many tourists yet, I thought this would be the ideal place.

As it turns out I was correct. The pristine beach with clear blue water was a mind-blowing sight. And as the sun was slowly coming to life from water it cast beautiful hues of orange, pink & red across the backdrop of a blue sky with cotton clouds. I sat down on the sand and witnessed the beauty of this place.

‘Niagara of India’

This ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ is also the owner of the ‘Niagara of India’, i.e. Athirapally Falls. As the frothy water cascades down the Anamudi Mountains, it creates marvellous scenery. I decided to venture a little; not too much though, in the surrounding forests of Vazhachal which is known for boasting various endangered species of flora and fauna.

The sizzling silver cascade through the emerald forests as it meets with the azure sea has rightfully earned Athirapally the title of ‘Niagara of India’. This magnanimous waterfall has been an attraction for South Indian and North Indian filmmakers equally.

City Life with Country-side Peace

To me, Kochi seemed like a perfect blend of city life with the countryside like peace. Modernity mixed with peace. At the start of this trip, I honestly hadn’t expected to have so much fun here. But I did and I’m so happy I took my cousin’s suggestion. If you ever find yourself planning a vacation you should definitely consider visiting Kochi once.
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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