Ranthambore's Young, Wild & Free Lifestyle


What if you face a beast in real life, a being much more powerful than you, and it doesn't matter how prepared you were for such a moment, you will still be awestruck by the power that radiates from another life. It's fascinating!

Want to know what are we talking about?

Well, pack your bags and plan a trip to India's Ranthambore national park. This place is the epitome of rich heritage and wilderness. It's the most thrilling experience as you go deep into the forest. As your vehicles keep marching forward, you will be introduced to living beings that will fill your life with the most exhilarating experiences like you have re-discovered your purpose.

Young, Wild and Free 

We all want to live fast, die young, but we have become enslaved to our corporate routine and have been living such a mundane life that we have lost a part of ourselves that wanted to run with the wind, dance with the trees, and swim along the streams that run like ribbons from the hills. The stream's bustling water creates a melody with chirpings of unknown birds and the rustling of leaves with a roar that gives an edge.

Ranthambore is the place where as you go deeper in the park, the loud voice of your guide will fade away because you will be lost in the different types of trees you will see, with the distant sound of small waves lapping against the rocks at the edge of a lake or a stream.

You will find flocks of migrant birds roaming freely in the air, which paints a beautiful picture against the lush green, tall trees. Clear blue sky, as you go deep into the park where they must have told you will get to see the animals from close by, you will see ruins of old temples, hunting lodges, and pleasure palaces throughout the sanctuary. You will see monkeys jumping from branches, a glimpse of a deer just standing amidst the trees, making your heart full.

Tourists mostly go there intending to catch a glimpse of the nocturnal animal, which makes rare appearances despite this being a tiger sanctuary with 71 tigers currently living in it. But when you see the majestic animal at one of the known spots, that experience is surreal. Always remember you are at a wildlife sanctuary, not a zoo. You have to be very patient to see those yellow, black striped magnificent creatures.

But when you see it, as you look at them and if that tiger or tigress turns towards you, it will stare right at you. Your surroundings will fade away, making you aware of only you and the elemental

beasts in all their glory, enthralling you with their gaze, holding you captive totally in the moment with your body, mind, and soul.

It's a truly mesmerizing experience that will bring you more close to nature and life.

Majestic fort and a picturesque valley 

Apart from visiting the national park, you must see the world heritage site 'Ranthambore Fort,' which has got recognition from UNESCO. Kachida valley is known for its spectacular greenery coupled with the mesmerizing landscapes of the hillside; you might even spot a deer or wild boar playing around in the wildness.

A visit to Ranthambore will make you experience its young, free wildlife, giving you a different perspective towards life and all the things nature has for us.

Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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