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Zermatt Ski Trip - the Matterhorn (highest winter sports area in the Alps) 

The other side of the Matterhorn is Italy. One of the greatest moments in a skier's lifetime is skiing over the Theodul Pass and down into the Italian trail system.

One destination that every ski enthusiast fantasizes about is the Zermatt ski trip. As pretty as the town is, the ski trip is equally exhilarating. 

Snowy villages and adorable bakeries - 

In this gorgeous snow-covered town of Switzerland, you will find yourself taking in the smell of wood-burning fireplaces mixed with the aroma of coffee and a bakery. Historical homes, adorable bakeries, cute cafes, local businesses, and endless ski wear shops. Steepled churches and car-free streets, and you will feel like you walked into the set of a Christmas movie. Then the omnipresent peak of the Matterhorn stands there as a reminder that this is indeed a paradise on earth. The streets hoarded by people with a pair of skis or a snowboard thrown over their shoulder just makes it more real.

Swooshing down to the other side - 

If you don't have your gear, then do not worry. You can always rent it here. As you take up the cable car up to the skill point, you will be mesmerized by the beauty in front of you. From above the icy glaciers, snow-covered slopes, you will get a panoramic view of Italy on the left and Switzerland on the right. And if luck is in your favor, then you might even catch a glimpse of France's Mont Blanc. As you get safely deposited at the Matterhorn glacier paradise, you would not be able to stop yourself from taking a deep breath and allowing the chilly wind to kiss your cheeks, bringing rosy blush in the cold. 

The magical site of the Theodul glacier would prove why the ski here is open all year long. Look at the clouds below you, yes! You are above those cotton puff balls, standing on the pointed peaks impaling through them. 

Steep and narrow terrains on this Italian site will give you a different experience in skiing. You will see Teletubbies lookalikes trying their hand at skiing for the first time in their fluffy colorful jackets and winter caps. It's very amusing how beginners seem to be falling down on their behind and blowing out a peal of loud laughter that echoes in the surrounding. The laughter is so contagious that you won't help but smile wide before you swing down these slopes. 

You will find yourself flying past rocky cliff sides and lakes as the chitter-chatter of people fades in the background. Later, the only sound you will hear is your heart beating loud in your chest, and your skis making that swooshing sound as you glide through the snow. The rush you feel in skiing can't be put to words!

Explore The Town- 

Coming back from your ski trip will surely leave you tired. Your body might feel like shutting and bones freezing as the chilly breath of wind cuts your skin. But the beauty of Zermatt is hard to resist. Since the town offers only electric vehicles, you can enjoy that cute ride or wander on foot. The Timber buildings dating back to the 16th century, high-end boutiques and lingerie stores, hot chocolates, and apple pie lattes; you will be walking down these roads like the main character from the Hollywood Christmas show. The best thing here? Outdoor jacuzzi with 
a backdrop of a frozen waterfall! After all, you won't find this anywhere else!
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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