Short vacation for Mumbaikars

Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Malshej Ghats, Reverse waterfalls at Naneghat(Compiling a set of destinations that are nearby, where people visit the most)

Mumbai is a very intimidating city, but the Mumbaikars are fascinating people. It's the rush hours through local trains, taxis, busy lives, and endless hours at traffic, but still, the spirit of Mumbaikars never gets dimmed. As the Wednesday passes, the phones start buzzing with flooding messages in WhatsApp groups about the plans over a weekend. Amazing landscapes and tourist places surround Mumbai. 

 Let's take a look around the places you can enjoy around Mumbai - 

1. Lonavala - 

A quiet hill station just 110 kilometers away from Mumbai has become a favorite vacation spot for people in Maharashtra. Chilly weather hills paint a pretty picture dressed in greenery and great bungalows offering the best packages. Tourists are more attuned towards this place in monsoon when the place comes alive and glows like an emerald. The delicious eateries offered here like roasted sweet corn, chaat, or a bowl of hot Maggi as you explore forts, caves, and a mesmerizing sunset from the top of the hills makes it all the more fascinating.

2. Mahabaleshwar - 

Nestled amidst the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra is a stunning hill station known as Mahabaleshwar. Numerous lakes are adorned with beautiful seasoned flowers blooming around them, juicy strawberries, majestic waterfalls, lush green forests, mountain peaks trying to touch the sky, and breathtaking valleys humming with the laughter of carefree souls that come here to seek a few moments of peace. Mahabaleshwar is a place that will have you take a long breathe and start your work with new vigor the next day as you get to the office after this short vacation. 

3. Malshej Ghat - 

Photographer's delight and trekkers dream, a heavenly abode called Malshej ghat is blessed with scenic beauty. This hub spot for trekkers and nature admirers is blessed with lush green forests, deep drop waterfalls, cold weather, beautifully located resorts, wildlife sanctuaries, Buddhist caves dating back to the 3rd century. The history witnessed by this place gives it a mysterious aura. 

4. Reverse waterfalls at Naneghat -

Nature constantly amazes us by rebelling against its laws. A reverse waterfall defying the laws of gravity that will leave you giggling like a small child filled with awe! The reason for this rebellious nature is nothing but the vital force of the winds that pushes the water upwards. So on a quiet weekend in monsoon, you can enjoy the sprinkles on your face from this enchanting waterfall.

5. Alibag - 

A quick ferry ride, and you will find yourself at 'Mini Goa.' Alibag is a place that has become a go-to spot for Mumbaikars when they want to enjoy a quiet evening, walking along the beach or a wild night with friends at cottages surrounded by coconut trees. Apart from unique beaches and mouth-watering local food, Alibag also offers adventurous activities like jet skiing, banana boat ride, parasailing, or even kayaking in this Arabian sea. 
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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