Spice of life in Puerto Rico

When you think about surfing, the first place that comes to mind is Puerto Rico. Situated,000 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, this Caribbean island is heavily influenced by American culture. You will find very attractive people here. Of course, this unincorporated territory is the perfect balance between tranquil retreat and dizzying nightlife. It might not be as popular as its distant cousin Jamaica, but it still has a lot going at all hours. 
When you enter Puerto Rico, you will find diversity in fashion and people who share the Caribbean, European and African roots.
Colonial towns, beaches and bars, and salsa dancing

The old quarter, Viejo San Juan, is the tiny island section at the city's top. So put on some fanciest clothes you own and take a stroll down the streets of Viejo San Juan, which are filled with narrow cobblestone alleyways with colourful Spanish colonial buildings flanking both sides. This place has a rich history, five-century-old forts, romantic ambience, Old World elegance, exquisite food, and at every corner, you will hear jazz music. Old and young mingling over the tunes, dancing their hearts out, makes it a very lively place. Oh, and yes, there is Bacardi rum factory for your quite rum-soaked evening!
Unique El Yunque 

A tropical rainforest is located about an hour's drive east of the capital. The scenery and the waterfall over there have the power to heal your soul with it's its beauty and calmness in the surrounding. The ideal destination for hikers, home for rare birds and trees, this tropical paradise will put a smile on your face. You can actually feel a connection with your nature amidst the rustling of trees and birds chirping.
Mamacita's and marine wildlife

These days it's infrequent to find unexplored beaches and less crowded, so you will be surprised to find powdery white sand beaches and a low-key pace of life at Culebra. It will call out all the travellers and explorers with its fascinating, laid-back vibe and beaches dominated by small local businesses yet untouched by mass tourism and American-style consumerism. Sea turtles and chickens roaming freely is not a rare sight here; rather, it's very normal. You can enjoy a drink of Mamacita's at The two must-see beaches on Culebra Flamenco and Tamarindo. 
Puerto Rico is a magnet that attracts hikers, scuba divers, nature photographers, and regular beach-goers all year round. Surrounded by the ocean, it's a beautiful destination for scuba diving as well. Exploring marine wildlife here is an unforgettable experience. 
The war cries of the past and perfectly set in the present

With impressive Spanish colonial defense, The Castillo San Felipe del Morro, aka El Morro, is a 400-year-old fort in the old town. Over the centuries, it's suffered attacks from the English, Dutch, and America—but still stands as a symbol of pride for Puerto Rico.

If you explore further from this fortress, you will find the lighthouse, the Cannon Water Battery, and the Old Tower. A perfect backdrop for your insta photoshoots and reels that actually gives a setting for a very romantic music video. 
Rum tours and delicious food 

The fancy rum tasting tour you shouldn't miss considering this will give you access to the Cathedral of Rum and a flight of different Bacardis to sample. Then one must enjoy a plate of mofongo, one of the island's most well-known dishes. Forget about your diet and workout while here because carb loading is the way into Puerto Rico life. 
Then you must conclude your trip by spending a night with the most illuminating experience. One of the fantastic experiences of watching over the bioluminescent creatures that light up the ocean at night. Meanwhile, you can sip beers, rum and enjoy reading a book. The trip to Puerto Rico is everything you can dream about a relaxing retreat. 
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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