That Time I Visited Two Cities

Rome, one of the most historically rich places in the world. And I got a chance to visit this beauty of a city all by myself. Thinking back, I feel like I should have stayed just a bit longer. But somewhere in my heart I knew that if had stayed there even for a day longer, I would have stayed for life. 

Starting off my trip, I boarded the plane from Dubai and from there, it was a fairly quick and smooth flight. Landing on the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, I immediately grabbed a cab for my hotel where I was put up in. The best part is that it was in the heart of Rome. So every important monument was just a few minutes of cab ride or walk away from each other. 

First Stop, The Roman Forum

After just a short 10-minute cab ride, I arrived at the Roman Forum. And the things I saw, I have to say, never in my life I have went to a single place with so much of history. The place has a history that exceeds even 7th Century BC. From it being a wetland to a whole commercial plaza, the place had seen it all. 

What even remained after so many centuries are still something to glance and wonder at. Never in my life have I laid eyes upon what could only be described as ‘magnificent’. 

The Pantheon

As expected from Romans, The Pantheon was nothing short of a piece of fine architecture from the ancient Roman Empire that is still relevant today. The dome itself was hypnotic and one look at it, anyone would be mesmerized. The history of which is even more rich than its architecture itself. 

Marcus Agrippa, after the Battle of Actium started the construction project of the Pantheon. This was also a show of power and money. It was constructed within the confines of his own property which made this more of a private monument. However, we would never know for sure as what remains is the part that was excavated. Whatever the case may be, this is one of the best place I had personally visited and it made my day so much better. 

Vatican City

They say, ‘when in Rome, meet the Pope’. And that was exactly where I was headed to. One thing to keep in mind is that, although Vatican City is inside the city of Rome, it is still a different city altogether and has been so since the Lateran Treaty of 1929.

Keeping history aside, Vatican City is such a beautiful place. Fun fact, only the Clergy and the Swiss Guards who protect the city are allowed to reside within the Vatican City. The city itself is so good and full of positive energy. The St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the purest and calmest place I have ever set foot in. The place resonates so much positive energy and the once inside, I felt the Holy Touch and I would take that experience to the grave. 

But that was time here. I didn’t get to meet the Pope, maybe next time? This journey was one of the best ones of my life. The history, the architecture and the sheer presence of god, all made it such a great experience. Can’t wait to revisit this place in future. 
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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