The Lakeside Resort Town of Tamil Nadu

I always knew that nature was a talented architect, creating things that are beyond imagination. But the Kodai lake is proof that humans have also gained some of the flairs from nature. For the ones that don’t already know, Kodai lake is a man’s creation; an artificial lake built by Sir Vere Henry Levinge in the year 1863. I found this place to be a perfect spot for a picnic or for simply spending some time taking in the alluring panoramic view of the beautiful hills that surround this lake.

The shape of this lake resembled the shape of a star. Other than the Kodai lake, there’s also Berijam Lake that is situated 21kms from the main hill station of Kodaikanal.

To visit Berijam lake, I had to first take permission from the District Forest Officer as this place is not open to the general public. Surrounded by Pine and Acacia trees, I felt such harmony in the solitude that this place has to offer. I also found it hauntingly beautiful. It would take such a strong resistance to not click pictures at this place because it makes for a heavenly backdrop for capturing memories.

And the last lake on my list was Mannavanur Lake. This wasn’t a part of my plan but some tourists that I crossed paths with and the locals strongly suggested that I pay this picturesque place a visit. And it was totally worth it. The drive to this lake was equally delightful with both sides of the road covered with Pine and Eucalyptus trees.

I found this place ideal for a quick withdrawal from the chaos of life. Beautiful birds can be seen flying freely in the sky. I also saw some people visiting a nearby sheep farm but I didn’t personally pay it a visit. Saying that I enjoyed the mesmerizing beauty of this lake would be an understatement, I was enchanted by it.

Beauty Continues...

Kodaikanal has beautiful lakes but that is nowhere near the end of this hill station’s beauty. Another prominent aspect contributing to the charm of this wonderland is its beautiful waterfalls. The first stop I had taken was Bear Shola Falls which is a mere 2kms from Kodai Lake.

As the uniqueness of its name itself suggests that it has something to do with a bear. As the regional legend suggests this waterfall was frequented by a bear to quench his thirst and that’s where this waterfall got its name. The forest area around this waterfall is a hotspot of biodiversity and you might be met with a monkey or a deer in the wild. I saw several monkeys on my short trek to this natural abode.

My next white water stop was Silver Cascade Falls. The lesser-known fact about this place is that this waterfall is a result of the overflow of the man-made Kodai lake, situated just 8kms away from it. The name of this falls owes it to the colour of the water that appears to be silver while thrashing down from a 55-meter cliff.

Given that the temperature is right, one can also take a swim in the waters of this waterfall. Since I had other things planned for the day I decided against taking a dip but I saw a few tourists enjoying that pleasure.

My trip to Kodaikanal was a get-away I needed from my otherwise work-filled life. And the tranquillity that this ‘Princess of hill stations’ offered me was something that I would later reminisce about for a long time especially after having a really hectic day. Just thinking of it makes my soul yearn for that beautiful and refreshing trip.
Klaus O
December 13, 2021
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