The Monument of Eternal Love

Just like every Indian, I was also fascinated by the Taj Mahal and it was on my list of “must visit” places. Recently due to a certain turn of events, I found myself in Agra and then I decided nothing was going to stop me from visiting this monument of eternal love.

I had already done thorough research on how to get there, what to see and those kinds of things. But nothing truly does justice to this majestic monument. As I passed around the walkway beside the reflecting pool and its fountains, it hit me that I wasn’t just visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but I was also about to witness a piece of history and the undying love of an Emperor for his queen, forever carved in the ivory marbles of this significant landmark of the past.

‘The Taj’ isn’t just a story, it’s a saga. Its mystique & the grandeur of the perfectly created and well placed geometrical gardens, had me awe-struck. I had read that the Taj Mahal is made out of white marble, I beg to differ. Its core colour might be white, but it takes on different colours reflecting the different moods of the sky, sun and moon.

It is pink in the mornings, orangish during the day, golden with the sunset and radiant for eternity. The domes arches are made with such excellence that I couldn’t help myself from staring at them in wonder. And to think that this place was created during a time when science hadn’t progressed as much as it has today adds to the beauty of the marvel.

From what I saw, I believe the Taj Mahal to be a thoughtful masterpiece. Walking through the interiors of the Taj Mahal made me feel like I was royalty, that’s the magic of this place. The precision of the inscriptions on its structure, the beautiful curves of the Arabic letters made it seem like the maker of it has penned down a divine poem. Taj Mahal is also the final resting place of Shah Jahan as well as Mumtaz.

The charm of this place was such that I could easily visualize Shah Jahan and Mumtaz taking a walk by the fountains hand-in-hand, talking and laughing. The four free-standing minarets add to the monument’s grandeur like a cherry on a cake. An awe-inspiring blend of Indian, Persian and Islamic architecture styles, the Taj Mahal is a truly wondrous creation.

The creation of the monument is such that it looks like a glorious artist is placed on the centre of a marvellous stage along with its four equally grand companions. While its prideful arches are having a silent conversation with the clouds and birds, secretly whispering to them the anecdotes of history unknown the world. I had read that when standing under the main dome, a voice echoes a minimum of 5 times, so as a curious child I tried it and it does, my voice did echo.

The interior of the main monument is an octagonal marble chamber, adorned with minutely detailed carvings and semi-precious stones. The reflection of the monument in the pool gave me the idea of an extremely admiring girl looking back at herself with joyful eyes.
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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