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Hidden from the World, in the Fethiye district located in the Muğla Province of Turkey is another gem of Turkey’s gorgeous tourist destination - The Butterfly Valley. Turkey has been one of my favourite international destinations and I’ve visited it quite a few times. But I hadn’t known about this gem of a place until my last visit.

During my stay at the hotel, I happened to strike a conversation with the receptionist who told me about this wonderful vista. At first, I brushed it off but then finally decided to give this place a visit. I’ve known about the luxurious beach resorts of Fethiye, Kas and Kalkan, and visited a few.

But if you want to witness nature’s handiwork and spend sometime with it, then Butterfly Valley is just the place. It is so cut-out from the outside world that there are only 2 routes to reach this place. One is by a very tricky trek from the nearby village and the other is by boat. The trek is beautiful but is a lot of physical work getting up and down the steep cliffs.

Though there are ropes to help you, it can still get dangerous especially with luggage. I’d have loved to take this route but I’d recently had an injury in my left leg and I was still recovering from it. So I choose to take the water route. There are boats from the nearby resort of Oludeniz. Here you can either choose a boat tour that will be more expensive and give you very little time to roam around the valley or you can choose ferry-rides that are much cheaper and you get your own sweet time to explore the wonders of this visual fiesta. I chose the second one.

The sea route is also the best option to click an amazing panoramic picture. The view in front of view of me was that of high mountains covered under the carpet of forests and waterfalls, white sand beach and topaz blue water under the sapphire blue sky. Anatolia Tourism Development Cooperative provides accommodation here is quite mindful of not hurting the natural habitat.

Hence, stay here is either wooden huts or tents. I had decided to take the hut which had basic wooden interior but it was more than enough for me as the hut was only for my luggage. I spent the night on the beach. Under the starry sky and gentle sea breeze, I laid down on the sand and lost myself in the beau of this nature’s utopia.

As the name itself suggests, the valley is known for those more than 100 species of butterfly that have made its abode here, away from the world. I was also lucky to spot the rare Jersey Tiger Butterfly which attracts a lot of butterfly lovers to this place. The best time to see these colourful specks with their vivid patterns would be early morning since at that time there is no boat traffic.

Another attraction is the waterfalls. A lot of people around me decided to take that trek up the cliffs to witness these majestic waterfalls. But since I was still recovering from the injury this wasn’t a wise idea for me because I was warned that some of these trails can get slippery and I didn’t want to take the risk. So I contended myself by just looking at it. But next time, this is a promise I’ve made to myself, that I’ll trek my way up on my next visit.

The food here is basic and delicious and is prepared by the vegetation that the locals grow here themselves. Away from the eyes of the world, Butterfly valley was an amazing retreat for me. It cuts you out from the world and connects you to wildness and nature, forging different relationships and experiences you come across along the way of discovering the valley and secretly discovering yourself.
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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