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Compiling a set of destinations for trips around Mumbai and Delhi
India is blessed with serene landscapes, picturesque beach fronts, beautiful art, rich culture, fascinating history, and the city's that charm you with their uniqueness. If you are in India for a vacation, after you are done visiting all the famous tourist attractions, we recommend that you spend time exploring these five magnificent cities. And it's just not the buzz of these cities, elegant dining places and urban aesthetic places that you would love to capture on your polaroid. 
City of dreams, Mumbai - 
Mumbai is known as the 'city of dreams’. This city is surrounded by some fantastic destinations that can tickle the adventurer in you. 

1. Raigad - 

Hike up the Raigad fort known as a proud reminder of the success and power of the Great Maratha King Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort will leave you wondering about its creative yet strategic design to be immune against the enemy.

2. Alibag - 

3 hours by car and 1 hour by ferry, Alibag is a go-to destination for Mumbaikars. You will be amazed by the beaches, the food and, of course, as the cherry on top are the water sports that will tick some boxes on your thrilling bucket list.

3. Kolad - 

Get high on adrenaline with your raft coursing through the river, to feel that kick visit Kolad, located alongside the gushing Kundalika River.

4. Jawahar -

The bumpy road outside Mumbai will lead you to town with a deeply-rooted cultural background with a grand palace standing proud at the backdrop, little hills buzzing with energy from local farmers and workers going about the day. Jawahar is untouched by the urban development but has gained immense popularity for dated Warli tribes, Warli Paintings, crafts and traditional art.

5. Nashik - 

Nashik is a magnet for wine lovers. The city harbours some of the oldest vineyards in the nation, including the famous Sula Winery. Wine tasting tours, crushing grapes in the barrels, and fine dining experience make a trip to Nashik relaxing and refreshing.

Dilvalon ki Delhi -

The Capital of India is a bustling city filled with historical monuments, UNESCO World Heritage sites, cafes, bars, a lit nightlife and delicious street food. 

1. Red fort- 

 Will take your imagination back to the ancient era flipping the pages of Mughal era India and India's struggle for freedom with a one hour sound and light show of the fort's history.

2. Chandni chowk - 

The scanty lanes of Chandni Chowk are a shocking contrast to the orderly streets of New Delhi. Everyone seems to be trying to compete for space among its chaotic, congested but very captivating, one of the oldest and busiest markets of India.

3. Lodhi Gardens

The vast Lodhi gardens built by the British in 1936 is a serene retreat from city life. The place calls out Joggers, yoga practitioners, and young couples from all over the region.

4. Qutub Minar -

A Magnificent example of early Indo-Islamic architecture, Qutub Minar will leave you spellbound by its old mysterious charm. 

5.Bahai (Lotus) Temple- 

It's shaped like a lotus flower. It's particularly pretty at night when it's attractively lit up. Made out of concrete covered in white marble, the temple belongs to the Bahai Faith, which proclaims the unity of all people and religions. 
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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