Unravelling the Marvels - Part 2

Compiling a set of destinations for trips around Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune


Bangalore is one of India's most progressive cities, blessed with lush greenery, victorian architecture, an all-year-round balmy climate, and Microbreweries. But as pretty as Bangalore is, there are few places around Bangalore that you can consider for a quick weekend gateway. 


This is where some people come to find faith, and some seek adventure. The hillock's shape resembling Shiva linga and the small stream called Ganga flowing tirelessly in the background, this place offers you a very serene, picturesque ambiance. 


A dream paradise for trekkers, especially for those night owls who like to trek in the night gazing at the stars trying to find the truth of the universe without fearing any demons of the night. At the top of Skandagiri lies the Tipu Sultan Fort in ruins, and somewhere inside, there are two caves and around six samadhis. 

Savandurga Hills

India's most significant monolithic hill is located right next to the Amaravati River. This is the place where your camera can capture beautiful pictures of the region with a river flowing at the foothill with temples perched at the riverside. 

Banerghatta National Park

Well, if you are bored with seeing the same dull faces around you, then visit Bannerghatta National Park to meet some amiable wild cats. Don't get intimidated by this formidable wildlife; you see, these scary animals are peaceful if you watch from afar. You can meet leopards, tigers, and even the Asiatic lion just 20 km away from the city. Incredible!


This city of Joy never fails to amaze me, from beautiful libraries, bookstores to savory-sweet delicacies like RoshoGulla. But you can always explore Kolkata at your leisure. You should know about the amazing tourist spots a little away from Kolkata. 


You will find calmness and peace at the banks of Ichamati. A boat ride that takes you close to Bangladesh, a walk under the canopy of Golpata trees inside the jungle, a weekend at Taki will give you a unique experience.

Henry Island

You can spend some quality time away from the hustle-bustle of the city at Henry Island surrounded by the calm sea, the rocks, white sand, and the dazzling beauty of the Mangrove Forest. 

Vedic Village

Image Credits - https://www.thevedicvillage.com/

located just 20 km away from the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Vedic village is where you can connect with nature and enjoy sports like Boating, ATV Riding, Bowling Alley, Zorbing, Segway, Kayaking. The resort is surrounded by greenery, crystal blue lakes, flower gardens, and Coconut trees. And of course, Sanjeeva Ayurvedic spa is where you can give your soul, mind, and body a very relaxed time. 

Itachuna Rajbari

A very incredible experience of staying in a century-old rajbari surrounded by antiques and the company of hosts who excitedly tells you tales of their rich past and the history of the palace. Royal ambiance blended with the beauty of nature Itachuna Rajbari radiates old historical charm.


People in Pune are at ease while living in this city bustling with festivals, art, theatre plays, concerts, and long-standing history of being a Literature hub. The quirkiness of native Punekar's hospitality is constantly discussed. Where do Punekars go for a weekend gateway?


rugged mountains, hidden caves - an ideal place for camping. Top it if you can indulge in spoke bird watching, trekking to forts and most liked place by casual backpackers. 


Looking down from the top of this fortress known as Sinhagad, will give you an exhilarating experience. 

Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini ghat is a jaw-dropping Mountain pass surrounded by breathtaking valleys and waterfalls. A perfect weekend trip to spend with nature. 

Pawna lake

An enormous lake known as a camper's paradise surrounded by High hills and a lovely climate, Pawna lake presents a perfect picture!
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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