Volcanoes, Glaciers & Panoramas

Iceland is a magical place that will blow your mind seeing how nature has a twisted way of bending its own rules. For millions of years, geological activity has been shaping the landscape of this iconic country. If you go around the country, you will find a road curling along a snowy hillside; if you glance towards the right, you will find a rocky slope with fog covering the top. Another side, birds circle over vertical cliffs as the waves crash on the shore with crystal blue water stretching out till your eyes can see.

Fiery hot - 

The mystery of the island is the contrast it represents. It's like there are stars, sun and the moon. No matter how much you have researched about the island, marked reels and posted on Instagram, nothing will prepare you to experience the marvelous beauty of this magical place. 
Fagradalsfjall is a volcano that formed millions of years ago when lava erupted through a thick layer of ice. In mid-March 2021, this volcano has erupted again and continues to do so. Another historical event that has happened in this pandemic era. See, the thing about lava is that it looks horrifyingly beautiful. Thick orange rivers slide down the black muddy surface like a giant snake. You can get close enough to touch, but it's forbidden, which makes it almost enchanting. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Another currently dormant volcano is Katla. A subglacial volcano, Katla looms beneath the Myrdalsjokull ice cap. You can see this presently calm volcano while driving along Iceland's ring road. It is a little scary, considering you have no idea about the intensity that's bubbling beneath the surface, waiting to burst out.

Frosty bites - 

Located near Vatnajokull National Park in southeast Iceland is a glacial lagoon Jokulsarlon. The lagoon is made from the meltwater of the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull. And a fact that will blow your mind is that you will see white icebergs floating around the shimmery aqua pond, and those are said to be over 1000 years old. You might even catch a glimpse of wildlife around the place up close and personal—Herring, Seals and Orcas enjoying the attention given by the visitors. 

The area around Vatnajokull is spaciously covered in marvelous Icelandic ice caves and ice structures scattered around in various designs as if fairies sculpted those shapes to enhance the beauty of the Mountain peak and surroundings.

Everything is blue -

Iceland's Diamond beach is located near Vatnajokull and Jokulsarlon, and it got its name after the icebergs scattered along the coastline, always glistening like diamonds under the sun. But it is also glaring proof of climate change, considering it is predicted that there might not be a diamond beach for us to visit in a few years.

When everything is covered in shades of white, aqua and blue, another beach is covered in black sand. The nearby volcanic explosions are the reason why Vik black sand beach exists. The white fuzzy waves washing up the black shore creates a very melancholy but beautiful picture. A Bollywood song has been shot entirely at this place. 

Falling for the nature - 

The breathtaking contrast in the landscapes of Iceland will make your heart flutter in excitement. Volcano, glaciers, beaches are done, then you will also find yourself enjoying waterfalls during your road trip. Surrounded by lush greenery, stony paths, and sharp cliffs, there are waterfalls like Gullfoss, created by a glacial river, photogenic Skogafoss waterfall falling from the high, sprinkling the waterdrops for miles while creating small rainbows as the crown jewel. The roaring sound of water striking against several surfaces will give you a chill thinking about the enormous power of nature. 
There aren't enough words to describe the beauty of this place. There are amazing basalt column structures carved, the Geysir geothermal field, hot springs sprouting from the earth high in the air every few minutes, the full panoramic beauty of this place is electrifying. You will be overwhelmed by the power of creation this region represents.
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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