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Exclusive range of Massage, Yoga, and Ayurvedic treatments with some majestic views of the Great Himalayas. - Wildflower Hall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Are you someone who daydreams a lot? You know, the fascinating thing about daydreamers is that they would be the most introverted people in their social life, but when they are in their little bubble of dreams, they let their imaginations run wild. And when daydreams meet fascination about exploring the world, that person starts looking at everything through rose-tinted glasses. Here is the dream destination for such free spirited souls: the wildflower hall. 

Wildest dreams -

Nestled snuggly between the emerald forests filled with pine trees, cedar and age-old colonial architecture, as a cherry on top is wildflower hall located amidst the forest of Mashobra, Shimla. 
Imagine a day in your life where you wake up between the silky sheets; you can have your favourite breakfast looking over the emerald spread with morning sun sprinkling golden hue on your cold cheeks as you breathe in the fresh air. 

Shimla is known for lush greenery, tall mountains and weather, which will make you want to romanticise every moment of your life. Grey rooftops, white painted exterior walls, aromatic cedar trees, Himalayas smiling down in the distance give a fairytale vibe. Oberoi wildflower hall is a dream destination for relaxed travellers. 

The best thing about this place is poolside. The hall has a huge indoor temperature-controlled pool where you can unwind yourself. And a jacuzzi facing the Himalayas. This would give you such a royal vibe. Who doesn’t enjoy such luxury?

Luxury embraces tranquillity- 

What now is known as wildflower hall used to be the former residence of Lord Kitchener. Now it has all the modern facilities after rebuilding, yet the makers have kept its old charm. The elegant building of the hall and spell bounding surrounding immediately reminds you of the old movies where ladies walked the hallways with their long dresses trailing behind and men enjoying the evening walks dressed in their finest suits and hats. The staff will give you such a royal treatment with their politeness. It also has a spa and nature walk that will rejuvenate your soul. 

We found love in a quiet place - 

If the mesmerising surroundings don’t bind you to this place, it definitely will make you fall deeply in love. The pretty dining area would remind you of the dinner parties they showed in the Netflix show ‘Bridgerton’, with shiny glasses, warm yellow lighting, and pristine surroundings. The courteous staff gives you the utmost attention. 

Every dish, be it Indian or continental, is made with perfection and such a gorgeous presentation. You can try Himachali food by chef’s recommendation, or you can have your favourite. 
Every bite of the food will give you a foodgasm. homemade ice creams would become your obsession.

Emerald touch and strawberry trails. 

You can go and visit the wild strawberry trails as your guide gives you facts after facts about this fascinating place. You are skirting through the densest forest in India, after all. As you do some trekking and snack on wild berries, you can read a book in a quiet corner or indulge yourself in writing some poetry. If that is not what you enjoy, then have a silent conversation with nature. 
The hotel can arrange a Colonial Heritage Tour, which covers tourist sights in the Capital city of Shimla. You can soak in the glorious history and colonial architecture at this dream-like place. 
With misty windows, heavenly sunsets, cups of steaming hot tea, cosy bonfires, thick wool sweaters, you can experience all of the fit as you walk around in your partner’s embrace or alone with your thoughts while absorbing the old town’s charm.
Wildflowers hall is One such destination where you can live a day in a fairytale, where you can make your imagination meet reality. 
Klaus O
December 14, 2021
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