Islands of Romance- Part 1

Top honeymoon destinations/islands of Maldives
Every Newly Wed Couple thinks about the Maldives as their first option when planning for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Be it soaking in the luxurious treatments, spa, sunbathing at the beaches or a romantic candlelit dinner on the beachside. The Maldives offers the most luxurious experience with its timeless beauty. The tropical paradise excludes passion, romance and love through every pore of it’s being. 
Let’s take a look at some of the top destinations at these Islands of Romance -
Six senses Laamu

Located in the south of Maldives in Laamu, Six Senses Resort is a beautiful collection of private villas. The villa has everything you need to fuel your passion or nurture your relationship by having a very relaxed time at spa resorts and Ayurvedic treatments.
The location of this resort promises absolute privacy and serenity during your stay. What more can we want? Upon that, you get to choose if you wish to be at the charming overwater or beachfront villas. Along with the enthralling bar, open bathrooms, rain showers, uniquely designed treatment nests, along with state-of-the-art amenities, Six Senses captures all your senses with its peaceful and serene ambience. 
Constance Moofushi

At Constance Moofushi, you will get everything you can desire on a honeymoon in a single deal. Imagine having a romantic dinner in the open air where you can get lost in your lover’s eyes or a walk on the beach during the most stunning sunsets as the waves play with your feet. Or you can spend some quality time sipping Pina-Coladas among the palm trees. 
The resort is designed and maintained in such a beautiful way that it harmonizes with the gorgeous scenery.
Maafushi Island

Maafushi island is widely popular among tourists. It has stunning ocean water, beautiful resorts local inhabited island with the greatest number of guest houses and guest beds in the country. This is the island where you can see the marine life up close during snorkelling, explore around the sandy beaches holding hands with your partner. Here you can go day as well as night fishing if that’s what relaxes you. Locals here are very warm and kind. You can mingle with them and hear their crazy experiences with other guests. The most amazing thing? Dolphin Safari. Those cute creatures will surely bring a wide smile to your face. You can get pampered at the spa, grab a beer or two at the outdoor or bars, and the island also has Bikini Beach. So, get that tan, you gorgeous people!
Vaadhoo Island

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Vaadhoo island has an air of Mystery due to the water that glows at night, like stars descending on earth and sparkling amidst the water. Various phytoplankton glows at night in the sea; it is a mesmerizing sight, seeing the waves lapping up the shore glowing as if the night fairies sprinkled their fairy dust on them, enhancing the beauty of blue water under the calm moonlight. You can have that fairytale type of kiss with your significant other on this dreamland during such an otherworldly occurrence. It sparks love. 

This island, located in the Atolls of the Maldives, also has other amenities and fun activities like scuba diving, making the experience even more memorable. 
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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