Islands of Romance- Part 2

We have already established that the islands of Maldives are a collection of tropical paradise where love blossoms at every corner under emerald green trees, in every shadow. Where a cool night breeze kisses your cheek under the pearly glow of moonlight and where your cheeks take a pink hue after being sun kissed on a sandy beach. It’s like cupid’s arrows keep hitting these islands, keeping romance alive in the air. So, let’s see the other places where you can have a spicy romance with your beloved.

Alimatha Island

Beautiful aquamarine lagoons, sandy beaches, aquatic blue water, splendid sky, and lush greenery; Alimatha island situated on the easternmost side is a perfect honeymoon destination. You can have a lazy morning cuddled up with your partner looking out the big windows of your overwater or beach bungalows of your preference. A boat ride around the island or scuba diving will give you a rejuvenating experience.

Hulhumale Island

Lying in the South of North Male Atoll, the charming Hulhumale Island is one of the most beautiful artificial islands. It’s rich in Fauna and flora. It was built for socio-economic, and environmental impact. The smaller population of the island helps a lot when someone is looking for some private time for a honeymoon. The coastline seems untouched by the overzealous tourists, and you can have a peaceful time at the white coast under the blue skies surrounded by stunning scenery. The lack of tourists will make your stay very comfortable.

COMO Cocoa Island Resort

If you look at COMO Cocoa Island resort from the sky, it seems like an elegant vine spread over the crystal blue water with a single leaf sprouting from it. This place is exclusively for couples. Spacious rooms, private sundecks, split-level bedrooms, and friendly room service. The cherry on top? This resort also has a spa that will nourish your soul and prepare you for any adventure you want to explore with your partner. 

Biyadhoo Island

Biyadhoo Island is something straight out of a movie set with a tropical backdrop. Lush vegetation starts with natural vegetation, coconuts, mangoes, cucumbers, bananas, tomatoes, etc., along with sparkling water, abundant sunshine, and pretty overwater bungalows. You can try scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and many other water sports. This island is filled with every amenity you need with luxury treatment and delicious food at your disposal. 

Fihalhohi Island

Fihalhohi Island is the place where you feel as if time has frozen, and you are lost in tranquility, staring in your beloved’s eyes under the shady palm tree, surrounded by the most stunning scenery. Perched at the southern rim of the atoll surrounded by turquoise water, this island’s enchanting beauty emanates love and romance. Easy access to marvelous luxury and an eternal lane of coral beef to keep you company along with gentle sea creatures, this place paints a pretty picture. The serene beauty and calm waters will have a soothing effect on your soul.
Klaus O
January 07, 2022
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